prehab holiday gift guide

Prehab Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you can believe it or not, the holidays are here for 2021! Are you scrambling at the last minute, trying to figure out what to gift your sister, brother, or significant other? I know that I certainly am. Fear not, as we’re here to help you take control of your health and give the gift of health to ALL your loved ones by wrapping up the best rehab, prehab, and performance products on the market! Trust us, these are gifts that even Santa can’t top.


Gifts To Get Rid of Aches and Pains

It’s time to Deck the Halls with a variety of Rehab Products! To any loved one who has been dealing with aches and pains, does not have access to quality care or help, and is looking for a solution, these products are for them. That is exactly what we at Team [P]Rehab provide. A solution for individuals to rehab their own injuries, on their own time, with step-by-step instructions from a team of Doctors of Physical Therapy they can trust.


What’s a great gift to accelerate the rehab process and heal faster?

bfr the prehab guys


Watch To Learn How Blood Flow Restriction Can Accelerate Your Recovery


My Back, Back, Back…Is Gone!

Think of dad who spent 2 days putting up all the lights and Christmas decorations, and comes back inside with his hand on his low back in need of some help. This low back program is exactly what dad needs to finish up holiday decorations and spare you and the rest of your family from having to do it ha! Just kidding, be kind and help dad out! But seriously, also help dad by giving him the gift of prehab!

Dead Bugs – Low Back Exercise

Dead Bug Exercise From Phase 1 of The Low Back Pain Program


Got Knee Pain From Carrying Holiday Boxes Up and Down Your Stairs?

Carrying all of those boxes of holiday decorations up and down the stairs can be hard on your knees! This program will teach people the best knee strengthening exercises to make holiday decorating pain-free without their knee pain stopping them in their tracks.


Knee Cap Pain Program Exercise – Tempo Squat

This is an example of an exercise from our knee cap pain program, in which Mike is also using the Hip and Core Resistance Bands! These Hip and Core Resistance bands are featured in many of our lower body [P]Rehab Programs, so they are an excellent way to compliment the gift of a program.


Learn more about the hip & core resistance bands!


Kinks In The Neck From Sleeping On The Couch Waiting For Santa To Snag His Cookies?

This is the perfect program for that person in your life who always has a kink in their neck, or maybe has developed one from slamming back too much Egg Nog this season.

Self Neck Stretch Exercise

Self Neck Stretch Exercise From Phase 1 of Neck & Mid Back Program


Theraone CBD Products: While going through some rehab for your tight neck or other parts of your body, CBD products such as Theraone can help with taking some of the edge off when it comes to pain! We love TheraBody’s line of CBD products that can help with muscle aches, recovery, and other pains throughout the rehab process.


To Combat That Foot Pain From New High Heels

Give more than just a pair of high heels that are going to leave your sister in pain after her first night out breaking them in this season. Better yet, do you know someone who is a runner, weekend warrior, enjoys exercise, yet has been dealing with pain in their heel? Our Achilles rehab program will show individuals how to develop the proper strength in their heel complex and get back to doing what they love!

Achilles Program Exercise,  Squat Hold – Heel Raise


Put Those Cookies Towards A Dirty Bulk With The PowerDot 2.0!

Want To Help Your Muscles Work Even More Efficiently? You HAVE to check out Therabody’s new PowerDot 2.0, as they are taking the electrical stimulation to the next level. Watch Mike fatigue out when attempting a split squat exercise in this video (while also referring to himself as Thor, the mighty King of Azgard).

Therabody PowerDot 2.0


Gifts For Cousin Fred, The “Go Getter” – Give The Gift of Prehab

Although injuries do happen and are a natural part of life, there are ways we can get in front of them by [P]Rehabbing our bodies! 


Theragun By Therabody

Everyone wants a massage gun these days. Make sure to get the best one out there, by Therabody. Your family members will certainly thank you later for this gift.

theragun prehab guys therabody



Theragun Massage


Jingle with Mobility All The Way!

Sample Thoracic Mobility Prehab Exercise

Mid Back Mobility:  For anyone with tightness between their shoulder blades in their mid-back that refuses to let up, this is THE program to gift. Think of your family member who is complaining to you that their back hurts after having a long workday at their desk job.


Take Your Workouts Anywhere With Our [P]Rehab Resistance Bands

Out of town for the holidays at grandmom and grandpas? Can’t get to the gym? No worries, snag yourself some fitness bands so you and the fam can continue to hit those gains wherever you are spending the holiday season. With 4 different levels of resistance, these bands are suitable for the upper body, lower body, and core, ultimately making them functional for full-body workouts. These bands are used throughout many of our programs, including our new Fitness Home Edition Program!


Fitness Home Edition Exercise With [P]Rehab Bands


Click here to learn more about our prehab bands!


Shed Those Holiday Sweets Off With A Running Program

Calling All Runners! We know there is a 5Ker in your life who is training for that Jingle Bell 5K this year. If you truly want to get on their nice list, then our Running Program is the gift for them. What better gift to give than to someone who has gotten into running, as this will teach them how to become a more efficient runner!

runners strength training the prehab guys


Gifts for Your Brother Kevin, Who Plays Every Varsity Sport, Give the Gift of Performance

Maybe you know someone who does not necessarily have aches, pains, or an injury, but rather is looking to improve their performance in a particular activity or sport! 


Looking for the best set of bands with handles on the market? Look no further than crossover Symmetry


Runners Core and Stability Exercise With Crossover Symmetry Bands


Crossover Symmetry Bands Exercise

These bands are designed to enhance upper body and core performance, and are featured in many of our [P]Rehab Programs!


[P]Rehab Full Body Fitness Program

[P]Rehab Fitness Performance: Know someone who wants to up their fitness game? Our fitness programs have 2 options, which can be done either at a gym or from their comforts of your own home!


Golf Program Swing Drill Exercise

Sport Specific: Soccer And Golf Performance: Other performance programs we have include a golf program, which can help that person you know who needs help improving their swing, or a soccer performance program that helps optimize performance on the field!


Soccer Specific Exercise


That One Family Member Who Goes The Extra Mile, But Needs Official Evidence

Whoop Fitness TrackerA wrist band that connects to an app and tracks your sleep quality and quantity, strain (amount of physical activity performed), and recovery! This can help optimize your training, and even more importantly, help you understand when to back off on certain days if your recovery is not at an appropriate level.

whoop prehab guys


A quick word on Mindfulness

Dillon on our team is like the guy at the party who always reminisces on his “back in high school days”, telling the same story of when he hit a game-winning 3 pointer against his hometown rival to send his team to the state playoffs. While Dillon isn’t always a broken record about his high school glory days, he does love to rattle on about everything there is to know about internal load and mindfulness.
As much as we harp on movement, fitness, and staying active, our minds play an equally important role in our overall health.
Some awesome mindfulness platforms, novels, and other content we love to utilize include:


And To All a Goodnight

We are hoping this [P]Rehab Holiday Gift Guide allows you to check a few things off the list this year resulting in less time shopping, and more time spent with the ones you love. If you’ve checked this list once, and you’ve checked it twice and have any questions about our programs or products, please feel free to email us at, as we would love to help guide you in the right direction.

From all of us here at Team [P]Rehab, Happy Holidays!


Disclaimer – The content here is designed for information & education purposes only and is not intended for medical advice.

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