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Fix Soccer Injuries & Supercharge Athletic Performance Anytime, Anywhere

This 3-month Physical Therapy & Soccer Fitness Program is available now,
through our revolutionary [P]rehab on-demand app!

Built by world-renowned Doctors of Physical Therapy & Fitness Experts. Over $4,000 in value compared to in-person physical therapy alternatives.

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Take Control Of Top Soccer Issues, While Preventing Future Soccer Injuries

“The most complete soccer exercise program you’ll ever need”

Prepare for the demands of soccer & protect your body against common soccer injuries!

You can’t practice your skills if your body is holding you back, learn progressive strengthening & conditioning exercise programming specific to soccer athletes to improve your athletic performance! 

You will train hard and expose your body to soccer-specific injury prevention exercises and learn along the way how to extend the longevity of your career! This program can be utilized pre-season, in-season, and off-season!

  • 7-day no questions asked free trial
  • Zero wait times, no hidden fees, no barriers to entry

  • Prepare your body for the demands of soccer

  • Improve lower body strength, power & explosiveness with progressive exercise programming

  • Prevent future lower body injuries with comprehensive soccer-specific injury prevention exercises

  • Appropriate for soccer players of all skill levels

  • Available on-demand, anytime, anywhere via our revolutionary app.

Common Problems With The Traditional Healthcare Path

  • Lack of access to quality in-person care or knowledge

  • Lack of time in your schedule or lifestyle for in-person services

  • Lack of financial resources or insurance benefits

  • Not in control of your health outcome – having to wait on tedious appointments or services

  • Over-prescribed medication and reliance on ineffective medical interventions

  • Tedious, insufficient results & not knowing what doesn’t work

You will find NONE of these problems with the [P]rehab app!

We’ve designed a solution that eliminates all of these pain points and delivers the results you want as fast as possible!

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Program Details


The Prehab Guys

12 weeks


Performance : Step Outside your comfort zone & elevate your body’s potential

Program Schedule

We get started with programming designed for general soccer preparation & fitness! You will master the basic athletic movements and build your motor, AKA your aerobic capacity!

Be ready for an additional set of stationary bike intervals followed up with more foundational movement work. Time to build the base!

This week we flip-flop the work-to-rest ratio with the bike work to work more towards soccer-specific conditioning needs. Meanwhile, we continue to lay the groundwork with soccer-specific prehab exercises for common soccer injuries.

The goal is that you can tolerate a 2 mile run now coupled with some solid anaerobic conditioning on the bike! On the strength days, single leg & asymmetrical lower body exercises are prioritized to address any side-to-side differences.

It’s time for running intervals! The best conditioning workouts for soccer are anaerobic specific, thus over the next 4 weeks you’ll be exposing yourself to the conditioning demands of soccer through a systematic approach in terms of volume, variation, & intensity. Guess what, the bike intervals and strength training are progressing too, be ready to rock! These are workouts that you can use during the off-season, pre-season, and even during in-season.

Mixing it up this week with uphill sprints! Uphill sprints actually help to protect against hamstring strains, thus we introduce these prior to regular sprints. In the meantime, we introduce eccentric hamstring exercises to get you prepared.

Another week of uphill sprints and serious hamstring strengthening! Meanwhile, the volume & intensity continue to progress with the interval bike sprints and the adductor strengthening exercises are getting more challenging.

It’s time for legit sprints! You’ve put in the work & you’re ready for this. Don’t underestimate the strength workouts though, we’re adding complexity & speed to the mix.

Time to push your lactate threshold with power & agility training! Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be working on your speed, your ability to develop force & decelerate, and quick feet with agility drills. You’ll also be doing more plyometrics focused on jumping & landing technique! These are advanced workouts that you can use during the off-season, pre-season, and even during in-season.

We’re adding layers of complexity to the agility ladder drills, plyometrics, and field agility drills. We’re also pushing the intensity when it comes to weight lifting!

This week we tap into true plyometrics with continuous jumps and some serious acceleration & deceleration drills. Meanwhile, the strengthening exercises are designed to bulletproof your legs for soccer!

It’s time to hit the pitch! Finish strong this week and learn our most advanced soccer exercise programming. If you can crush these workouts, your body is more than ready for soccer!

Ready to Get Started?
Welcome to the [P]rehab Family

Over the past six years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients with different kinds of aches, pains, and injuries. The interesting fact was that most of these issues could have been managed or even prevented if people had a solution to quality exercise & education information they could access anywhere, at any time.

Thus, to give power & health back to the people, we pioneered the anti-barrier solution using the latest evidence-based research, technology, and our clinical experience. Our programs are safe & effective; they feature preventative rehabilitation exercises & education that teach you how to get out of pain, avoid injury, and optimize your health.

Included in the Prehab App

50+ High-end Programs

Unlimited access to ALL of the [P]rehab programs at once, available anytime, on demand. Take care of your rehab, prehab & fitness needs through just one revolutionary app.

50+ High-end Programs

80+ Engaging Classes

Follow along class style sessions led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and/or a Certified Strength Coach built on principles of load management, specificity, progressive overload, muscle group ratios, and more.

100+ Workouts

No time for a full program? If you prefer effective single-day workouts, in the areas of Injury prevention, Mobility, Strength, Performance, (and more) – we got you covered!


4,000+ tutorial videos

Search through detailed step-by-step instructional videos that teach you how to move properly, perform, what to feel, and which mistakes to avoid.

Take Control of Your Health

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Find your perfect program with the help of our intake BodyScan built to pinpoint exact solution for your needs.

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Custom Workout Builder

Build your own custom workouts & save your favorite exercises/routines.

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Alternate Exercises

every exercise can be swapped to an alternative exercise if its too challenging.

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Programming that fits you

Choose from rehab, prehab, mobility, performance, and fitness programs.

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Growing Library

New exercises, programs, workouts and guides added regularly so you always have fresh content to consume.

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taking control of your health has never been easier

All Annual Plans Start with a 7-Day Free Trial!

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What Our Members Say

This program really got me into shape and my legs feel stronger than ever

This program has been great for me to refer to in preparation for my rec league. Being a competitive soccer player my entire life, it has been harder for me to stay injury-free as the years go on. However, this program really got me into shape and my legs feel stronger than ever. I highly recommend this program to any soccer player!

– Allen G.

You cannot go wrong with this program if you play soccer!

I have dealt with a handful of injuries from playing soccer and have done PT for all of them. However, I was lucky to get exposed to this program because it honestly includes everything I did in PT and more. This is a really comprehensive program that not only helped with some of my weak points, but it definitely made me stronger and in better soccer shape overall.

– Ryan S.

Physical Therapy & Fitness Programs included in the New Prehab App

Program Categories

Rehab: Our rehab programs reflect the education, exercise programming, and
progressions we use as PTs when working with specific injuries and conditions. These programs have a dedicated early rehab phase and step-by-step progressions that mirror a comprehensive rehab program. If you know exactly what you’re dealing with, then these programs are right for you.

Mobility: Our mobility programs take a specific and non-specific approach to improving targeted movements. Through repeated exposure and the right combination of exercises, you will free your body to move further and easier than before!

Fitness: Our fitness programs are designed to enhance your physical fitness safely and effectively by learning the proper principles of training. Each of our fitness programs emphasize training smarter with injury prevention in mind. We have different options based on your goals & equipment availability!

[P]rehab: Our [P]Rehab Programs focus on the main regions of the body by integrating an isolated & global approach to give you a truly comprehensive guide to take control of your health whenever you need it most. With proper exposure and dosage to various movements, coupled with education, your body will be that much more ready to handle anything your life demands from it!

Performance: Our performance programs are intended for those with exercise experience, no limitations, and for those looking to elevate the bar. These programs will help you achieve personal bests while at the same time protect you with [P]Rehab fundamentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soccer [P]rehab Program

  • This is a performance program designed specifically for soccer/futbol players! This program is appropriate if you are not dealing with any current injuries; if so please refer to one of our Rehab/Prehab programs.  If this program is too challenging for you, check out Running Prehab! If you are looking for more of a challenge, check out Fitness Gym Edition!
  • We’ve designed most of our programs in such a way that you can complete them at home with minimal equipment needed. However, this will truly depend on which program you’re interested in as some of our programs require more/less equipment. Within the app, you can explore each individual program and learn if it is a home or gym appropriate program. In addition, you can view the equipment tab to learn more about each piece of equipment being used in the program. Below you will find all of the recommended equipment for this program!
    • Loop Band, Stationary Bike, Step, Bench, Wall Support, Resistance Band, Weight (DB/KB), Foam Pad, Slider, Stability Ball, Soccer Ball, Agility Ladder, Cones, Hex Bar, Barbell


  • With over 55+ programs, 100 workouts, and 4000+ exercises available, this is true 21st century physical therapy! The [P]rehab membership accessible on our mobile app allows you to start as many programs as you want. So you can focus on, say, rehabbing your ankle while working on prehabbing your shoulder, at the same time. Each of our programs includes specific educational videos about that region spanning topics like what is pain, how to modify exercises, and how to incorporate rest days in your programs. We want to give you all the tools you need to take control of your health from anywhere in the world!
  • With our 50 programs to choose from, we know it can be difficult to know which program is right for you! Our proprietary [P]rehab body scan analyses your answers to five specific questions, which allows our algorithm to find your perfect program. If you need any additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and one of our support specialists will be happy to point you in the right direction!
  • Our programs and workouts are appropriate for anyone looking to optimize a specific body region or improve a specific need. We make it easy and teach you how to take control of your own health with [P]rehab. We give you the tools to stay healthy and ready for anything life throws at you. As long as you’re capable of using a smart device such as a phone, you’ll be able to access and use our products. If you have any concerns about your physical readiness to participate in the programs or workouts we offer, we suggest you check-in and get clearance from your primary physician. We also recommend checking out the FAQ section of the specific program you’re interested in as it may answer your questions and/or concerns. Feel free to email us if you have a specific question or concern, we are happy to help! Our programs and workouts are designed to be readily available resources to help you move better and feel better. We want to reiterate that no information provided in our programs, whether it be written or video content, is to be taken as medical or health advice. You agree to be 18 years of age or older and to use this program at your own risk.  The content of this program is not intended as a substitute for care from a physical therapist or other health care professional. We recommend that you seek medical advice and speak with your doctor before participating in this program if you show signs or symptoms of injury, disease, illness, or you have any concerns about your individual needs.
  • You can access the [P]rehab membership through our very own [P]rehab app, available on both the apple and android app store. At this time, we do not have a specific tablet or ipad app; however the mobile app still works on both tablet/ipad.

Pricing & Payment

  • The monthly membership is $49.99/month (USD) and $199.99/year (USD. Our annual program begins with a Free 7-day trial while the monthly membership does not. Both memberships provide unlimited access to all programs and workouts, including new programs, workouts, and classes as they launch. The [P]rehab App Memberships are only accessible on our mobile app
  • We offer a completely free, no hassle 7 day trial to the [P]rehab App on our Annual pricing plan. Our monthly pricing does not have a 7 day free trial option, rather this plan starts on the $49.99 per month membership on the purchase. For our free trial on the Annual plan, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the app, simply cancel before the 7 days end and you will not be charged.
  • Yes! We are grateful for all the work military personnel and first responders do. Additionally, we were once students ourselves and are always supportive of the next generation! Please email us at with documentation of your student/military/first responder status and we will give you a special discount :)
  • FSAs and HSAs are used to pay for common out of pocket healthcare expenses. As a general rule of thumb, qualifying healthcare expenses include the cost of treatment or prevention of disease. If you think you have a medical condition that would benefit from an exercise program like our membership, we suggest you talk with your doctor and have him/her provide you with a Letter of Medical Necessity. We have had many people use their FSAs and HSAs in the past! Please check with your FSA/HSA for more information
  • If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal through your my account page. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Settings page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership cycles. However, we will provide store credit if your purchase was made in the past 30 days. If you have more questions, please contact us. We’re happy to help! All sales are final.


Fix or prevent soccer injuries for a fraction of the cost of in-person PT