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Episode: 74

In this episode, Dillon and Dr. McElheny aka Dr. Kat, discuss early sports specialization vs long term athletic development models for youth athletes! Which model leads to greater likelihood of becoming an elite athlete? What are the risks/benefits of specializing early? Dr. Kathryn McElheny is an Assistant Attending Physician at HSS. She is fellowship-trained and board certified in sports medicine and is the Non-operative Medical Director and Associate Team Physician for the New York Mets baseball team.

Episode: 73

In this episode, Dillon and Taryn discuss everything Dry Needling! What is Dry Needling? How is it different than acupuncture? What are the risks vs benefits? Is dry needling effective? What's the research say and what's the clinical use? All of this and more answered in this episode!

Episode: 72

In this episode, Dillon and Tommy talk all about stretching! Static stretching has been a staple in fitness and recovery programs for years but could there be urban myths surrounding the true effectiveness of stretching? Does stretching prevent injury? Does it improve performance? When should we be stretching? All of this and more answered on this episode!

Episode: 71

In this episode, Dillon and Arash talk about marketing strategies with expert Neil Patel! What are different strategies you can use to target local vs global audiences? What is the best platform to market on? What's the most undervalued platform for marketing today? How will marketing strategies change in the next year? All of this and more answered here!!!

Episode: 70

In this episode, the [P]Rehab team has a guys night with Dillon, Sherif, and Tommy to answer questions that have been submitted! What causes lower back stiffness in the morning? Should you do mobility exercises with hip osteoarthritis? For PT students, how do you choose to do a residency after PT school? Lastly, joint clicking, is it okay to keep moving with snap, crackles, and pops?

Episode: 69

In this episode, Dillon and Arash discuss everything related to Overhead Stability for Fitness/CrossFit Athletes! What is overhead stability? Who needs it and what can lead to faulty overhead stability? They also discuss the foundations/pre-reqs to overhead stability. Lastly, they answer should we train overhead stability under a fatigued state?

Episode: 68

In this episode, Dillon and Arash discuss everything squats with Dr. Aaron Horschig aka Squat University. What are common injuries seen in the squat pattern? Is it safe to round your back when lifting? How do you train under load when experiencing some aches and pains? How do you decrease butt winking with squats? All these questions and more answered in this episode!

Episode: 67

In this episode, Dillon and Kelly discuss everything diabetes. Are you able to become a high level athlete with type 1 diabetes? How do you manage your blood sugar levels? What's the link between diabetes and frozen shoulder? All of that and more answered in this episode!

Episode: 66

In this episode, Dillon and Sherif talk all about Runner's Knee. This condition can become a bully if not treated appropriately. Do you need to foam roll your IT band, change your running mechanics, get new running shoes? These are the common questions we get in the clinic and we answer them here on this episode!

Episode: 65

In this episode, Dillon and Taryn discuss all things related to the Lymphatic System. This system tends to be very underrated but is crucial to our functioning!!! In this episode, you will learn the function of the lymphatic system, factors leading to dysfunction of the lymphatic system, the gold standard treatment for Lymphedema, and what to expect when undergoing Lymphedema treatment!
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