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This show will arm you with the knowledge to address your ache’s and pains, optimize performance, promote longevity, and keep your movement system in tune one podcast at a time. Instilling new meaning into physical therapy.

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Episode: 57

In this episode, Craig breaks down strength assessments. For strength assessments, it's better to measure and assess, rather than guess, not only is this used in the gym, but also during rehab! This podcast goes over why strength assessments are necessary for program development, the importance of having a baseline and a 'needs analysis', muscle hypertrophy, equipment familiarization, and the different kinds of strength testing. Be sure to check out The Master the Back Squat [P]Rehab Program.

Episode: 56

In this episode, Arash discusses strategies to improve shoulder pain during the bench press and push-ups. Far to often people AVOID an exercise because it is painful. This podcast will dive into how you can train around your pain! Arash discusses how you can improve your form, techniques to modify the bench press, & an easy way to warm-up prior to your next workout session. If you are looking to learn more about how to bench press pain free, check out this article!

Episode: 55

In this episode, the guys answer questions polled from Instagram regarding the low back! Topics from this discussion include what is the best daily strengthening exercise you can do for your back, are deadlifts actually good or bad for your back and who should be doing them, and what is the roadmap from dealing with an acute disc injury to now focusing on how to improve back flexibility after an old disc injury.

Episode: 54

In this episode, the guys talk about knee extension and why it is so important in our daily lives. They answer some common questions from followers about knee extension and discuss gait patterns, load management, pre-op measures, and post-surgical protocols to regain full knee extension! Be sure to check out The [P]rehab Knee Extension Overhaul Program!

Episode: 53

With all the knowledge on anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, and tissue healing guidelines, you are maxed out with how good of a practitioner you can be. What do you need to master to move to the next level? Communication. In this episode, Arash and Brett Bartholomew discuss the art of communication. Brett begins with an overview discussing where his interest in communication stemmed from. He then gets into this idea of buy-in, and breaks down actionable steps with how you can improve patient/client buy-in today!

Episode: 52

In this episode, the guys talk about different lunge variations and why the lunge is a fundamental movement. They answer some common questions from followers about the lunge, discuss various loading strategies, different lunge progressions, and their favorite lunge variations/movement patterns. More importantly, they discuss the Master The Lunge [P]rehab Program so be sure to check this one out!

Episode: 51

In this episode, the guys talk about posture! What is the perfect posture? Is sitting the new smoking? Is slouching bad for me? We get asked these questions ALL the time. We have helped countless patients and clients overcome postural issues. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to posture, leaving people paralyzed with what to do in the presence of an injury. Oftentimes the worst plan is to entirely avoid moving! Motion is lotion for the body. 

Episode: 50

In this episode, Craig is joined by Dr. Alex Weber, a Los Angeles based orthopedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist as well as a team physician for the USC Trojans & The Los Angeles Kings. Topics from this discussion include defining exactly what are 'cortisone shots' and other biological solutions, understanding the role of these type of injections and how they work, learning about alternatives to corticosteroid injections, learning about the short term vs. long term benefits and risks as well as potential risks and side effects. We also cover various scenarios as to why you opt for an injection and when you should consider something else along with the role of injections in the general population vs. sports medicine.

Episode: 49

In this episode, the guys talk about their recent program launches, the running and squat fundamental [P]Rehab programs. More importantly, they dive into some of the common questions and nuances associated with troubleshooting running and squatting along with how they address these issues in the programs.

Episode: 48

In this episode Craig is joined by Dr. Jesse Elis, the director of player health and performance for the Portland Trail Blazers. Jesse leads all facets of the Trail Blazers medical and performance staff to provide preventative maintenance and rehabilitative health care to Trail Blazers players. Topics from this discussion include Jesse's story, how he positioned himself to take on a very unique and rare role in the NBA, his advice and what it takes for someone to pursue a medical career in pro sports, the origins and true definition of load management, the most common NBA injuries and how they're managed, and understanding the demands of basketball.