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Episode: 110

Episode: 108

In this episode, Dillon is joined by Craig to discuss the saying, "Movement Is Medicine", in its entirety! Is movement actually medicine? Can exercise be the solution to the rising rates of chronic disease? We also dive into why movement is not offered more as a solution and how we can make simple solutions sexy! Lastly, the episode discusses how to know if you are being led down the path for movement longevity vs the pathway to training-related injury.

Episode: 107

This is part 3 of a 3 part series with expert aerobic capacity Coach Chris Hinshaw. In this episode we answer how to pace various types of workouts, how to build further work and aerobic capacity, and why elite fitness athletes tend to have higher risk of rhabdomyolysis.ย 

Episode: 106

This is part 2 of a 3 part series with worldwide endurance coaching expert Chris Hinshaw. Part 1 was about becoming better coaches, part 2 we dive into the interference effect. Is it true that training cardio or endurance will impact your weightlifting performance or can it actually help improve your performance? We also dive into the role the aerobic system plays in recovery!

Episode: 104

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. Sherif Elnaggar to discuss everything related to piriformis syndrome! They look to answer; what is the piriformis and what roles does it play in our movement system? Does piriformis syndrome actually exist? Is it time for a name change for deep gluteal syndrome? What else could be causing deep buttocks pain? And most importantly, what solutions exist to get rid of that deep butt pain?  

Episode: 103

In this episode, Dillon and Arash discuss the underdog, the workhorse of the movement system, the groin or adductor muscle group! They look to answer; What is the role of the groin? Why do groin injuries or strains happen? How does strengthening the groin lead to improved sports performance? Is blood flow restriction useful in treating groin strains? Lastly, they discuss if it is okay for the knees to come in or for knee valgus to happen in the bottom and rising up out of a squat!ย 

Episode: 102

In this episode, Dillon interviews Arash on his current back injury that is discogenic in nature; likely caused by a disc herniation bothering the nerve root and creating nerve symptoms down the leg. As Arash is going through the recovery process he shares what caused his injury, his plan to get out of the injury cycle, and his mindset related to injuries!  

Episode: 101

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. Lauren Lynass to discuss everything related to Osgood Schlatter disease looking to answer; What is Osgood Schlatter disease? What causes this condition? Can youth athletes keep playing if they are having pain caused by Osgood Schlatter's?ย  Is using knee straps or bracing beneficial? Lastly, what are the best treatment strategies? All of this and more answered in this episode!