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[P]REHAB Your Rotator Cuff
IMPROVE Shoulder Strength & Mobility
PROTECT Your Shoulder Health
Learn an evidence-based approach to [P]Rehab your rotator cuff!



The Rotator Cuff [P]Rehab program is the ultimate resource to rehab your rotator cuff and reach new levels of shoulder health! Whether you are currently suffering from rotator cuff related shoulder pain or looking to optimize your rotator cuff function this program is for you. You’ll learn how to initially address your shoulder when pain is present, how to return to high level activities, and everything in between those two points! We are excited to help you to take control of your shoulder health through this 16-week program!

A progressive 16-week program designed to help you recover from and prevent rotator cuff related issues

Learn about rotator cuff function and how to specifically target this muscle group to optimize shoulder function.

100+ exercises to progressively restore rotator cuff strength and shoulder mobility.

Systematically build up your capacity to take on any activity that requires use of your shoulder!



Rotator Cuff exercises
backed by scientific evidence

Years of combined
Physical Therapists’ clinical experience

Success stories
from thousands of real clients







Your shoulder relies on a healthy rotator cuff, whether you are fixing things around the house, exercising, or just going about your daily life using your arms. This is why managing rotator cuff injuries the right way from the getgo is extremely important. Our Rotator Cuff [P]Rehab Program is exactly what your shoulder needs because the attention to specific details found in our program is crucial for rehabbing your shoulder.


$ 149
  • 16-weeks of Progressive Workouts
  • 100+ Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Complex Specific Exercises
  • Rotator Cuff Education Resources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise and education videos


This program is meant for anyone who is currently having shoulder pain due to rotator cuff related injury or shoulder impingement syndrome. This includes rotator cuff strains, partial tears, full tears, tendinopathy, or simply rotator cuff discomfort. This program can also be used to help with rotator cuff pain, optimize overall rotator cuff function, and prevent injuries!

No matter your fitness level or equipment restrictions, we have a carefully thought out plan developed for you that can be tailored to your needs! This program will build you from the ground up to improve, restore, and reach new levels of shoulder health by paying special attention to the rotator cuff. This program will additionally progress you into quick plyometric movements and powerful pushing motions preparing athletes for sport.

If you want to take the guesswork out of how to get back to your normal life after a rotator cuff injury or want to make sure you have enough rotator cuff capacity to perform the activities you enjoy, this program is well worth your investment! More importantly, there is no waiting game, you can get started taking care of your issue immediately. This program will teach you how to manage your rotator cuff whether you are experiencing pain or are pain free and looking to stay in the game!
This program is specifically designed to address the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder joint. If you are dealing with rotator cuff tendon issues, rotator cuff weakness, a past rotator cuff injury or a new rotator cuff injury this program is for you.
Yes! Whether you have had a recent injury or having chronic pain due to rotator cuff dysfunction this program is designed for you. If the injury is recent, getting it moving appropriately is going to aid in the healing process. Also if you are experiencing chronic shoulder pain due to rotator cuff dysfunction, with appropriate loading and graded exposure, you will be able to decrease and part ways with that nagging pain!
We are going to take a more conservative approach and suggest this program will be more appropriate once you are closer to 3 months post-op AND you have been cleared for regular exercise by your surgeon/physical therapist. As you may know, there are post-op precautions and restrictions in regards to movements, your range of motion, weight lifted, and activities of daily living. It will be good to follow up with your surgeon and your physical therapist to learn these precautions and the timeline for them as there may be nuances and other details that are specific to your surgery and your scenario. It is essential you’re cleared to exercise without any restrictions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you’re still concerned.

If you’re not exactly sure what is going on with your shoulder, or you’re looking to just optimize and improve your general shoulder health, our Shoulder [P]Rehab Program is going to be the best, most well-rounded program for your shoulders.

However, if you believe/know that you specifically have a rotator cuff issue, that is going to be the better option for you! Our Rotator Cuff [P]Rehab Program is similar to our shoulder program, however, all of the educational resources, as well as the exercise programming progressions, is much more specific to the rotator cuff. We created this program due to requests, however, we have had many people with rotator cuff issues experience success in the past with our general shoulder program. The major difference in our new Rotator Cuff program is that the early phases and exercise progressions.

With that being said, our rotator cuff program still focuses on scapular stabilization exercises as this is imperative in rotator cuff rehab as well. Again, the biggest difference between the programs is how exercises are programmed and progressed in phase 0 and phase 1 as phase 0 & 1 from our rotator cuff program reflect how we rehab specifically acute rotator cuff issues.

Great question! There is definitely some overlap between the programs for good reason, but we will highlight the main differences below to help you choose the best program for you.


Shoulder [P]Rehab Program: this is a 5-phase, 17-week program with the most comprehensive approach to optimal shoulder health. This program is designed to holistically strengthen the entire shoulder complex including scapular strengthening and stabilization exercises along with programming that can help out with any shoulder impingement issue, biceps pain, scapular problems, or nonspecific shoulder pain. 


Overhead Mobility [P]Rehab Program:1 phase, 6 week program designed specifically to improve overhead shoulder mobility AKA reaching your arms up overhead. This is achieved through dynamic stretching and tissue mobilization for short-term gains and locking in those gains for the long term with some stabilization and strengthening exercises! 


Rotator Cuff [P]Rehab Program: 3 phase, 16-week program designed to address rotator cuff-related shoulder pain. Educational videos and progressions, especially in the early phases, are specific to the rotator cuff and reflect how we handle rotator cuff rehab in-person. As the program progresses there is overlap in later phases with the Shoulder [P]Rehab Program (this is a good thing!) as it is important to focus on the entire shoulder girdle


Overhead Stability For Fitness Athletes [P]Rehab Program: this is a 3-phase, 12-week program designed to train the entire movement system to improve overhead lifts. This program is designed with performance in mind and is the best choice for CrossFit enthusiasts, Olympic weightlifters, and athletes that push their workouts to the limit!

Yes! Our early phases will walk you through easier exercises and movements to build the foundational work capacity necessary to tolerate the higher-level exercises and movements to come. Then you will continue through carefully designed programming to increase your strength and ultimately training experience!
We do have a discussion board designed to share success stories, communicate with other members of the community, and get app support if and when needed. However, we cannot and will not provide medical advice on the discussion board. We have created educational videos, resource videos, and training support videos that are designed to answer the most common FAQ – we recommend checking these videos as they will likely answer your question!
We designed most of our workouts specifically in mind for you to do at home with minimal equipment. We recommend upper body resistance bands, dumbbells, foam roller, and a lacrosse ball. Within the app itself, we have an equipment tab for anything that is shown or used in the program. You can reach out to us to learn more if you’re concerned.
You can purchase with one easy payment today. All sales are final.
FSAs and HSAs are used to pay for common out of pocket healthcare expenses. As a general rule of thumb, qualifying healthcare expenses include the cost of treatment or prevention of disease. If you think you have a medical condition that would benefit from an exercise program like our [P]Rehab programs, we suggest you talk with your doctor and have him/her provide you with a Letter of Medical Necessity. We have had many people use their FSAs and HSAs in the past for [P]Rehab programs! Please check with your FSA/HSA for more information.
Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can be accessed on your phone via our [P]rehab App, computer, or iPad!

If you’re currently rehabbing an old or new injury, your primary focus should be on our program versus other programs or exercise. Think of it as a short term sacrifice to reap the greatest long term benefit. The program is truly comprehensive with graded exposure supported by science that WILL get you back to your training routine before you know it! In these early phases, the less variables there are, the easier it is for you to learn what is and isn’t helping. At max, we’d only suggest simple aerobic/cardio exercise that does not aggravate your injury or training body areas not associated with your injury!

It may be smart to take a break from your current routine until you make enough progress that you can tolerate your routine again! Once you feel comfortable working back in your normal routine or exploring new activities, we’d suggest trying our program before, after, and on different days than your normal routine. It totally depends on the person, your fitness level, and your routine in regards to the best placement for our program!

A general rule of thumb, our anatomy and [P]Rehab programs are great to do prior to your routine, especially our mobility programs. On the contrary, you can perform these programs on separate days if the workout is too long for you, which may be the case if you’re nearing the end of our programs in the later phases! This is especially true for our [P]Rehab to performance programs, which are suited best to be performed by themselves or on separate days than your normal routine!

It depends! Yes, you’re physically able to have multiple programs going on our app that you have purchased. We have had success stories with people running multiple programs at the same time, it just depends on what works for you and your tolerance/capacity to exercise!

In order to make sure you can access ALL of the products you have purchased under the same username – please make sure to use the same email address that you are currently registered under at checkout. Once purchased, your new program will be visible in the app!

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Now! The current dilemma is when people have issues with their body – they’re not able to get the correct help when they need it most, timing is everything! This app is readily available to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.


We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your [P]Rehab Program experience!

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