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hip prehab program

The Hip [P]Rehab Program is a physical therapist developed, step-by-step program to help you minimize pain and optimize hip health. It will teach you how to regain and improve mobility as well as how to build a strong foundation for your hips. Ultimately, our program is designed to bulletproof your hips for anything life throws at you!

  • 14-week workout plan with 3 progressive phases targeting unique goals
  • Appropriate for anyone no matter where you are at with your physical fitness
  • Simple and detailed step-by-step instruction videos
  • Prevent future hip injury and minimize existing pain and discomfort
  • Improve your stability and mobility to maximize your athletic performance
  • Increase your lower body strength to achieve your fitness goals
  • Learn proper muscle activation to boost your gains and overall progress
  • Objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program
  • Private forum to interact with community members and get app support

“How do I know it will work?”

The [P]Rehab Program is based on:

    • Hip exercises backed by scientific evidence
    • Years of combined Physical Therapists’ clinical experience
    • Success stories from thousands of real patients

[P]Rehab is more than trying to prevent injuries; it is about maximizing your potential.


Hip Feed In/Out With Band

Groin Flow Dynamic Mobility

Understanding Weight Distribution With Exercises

This Program Is A Game Changer

But don’t take our word for it…
hear it from our members!

Anne Brandenburg

Anne Brandenburg

"With two more weeks left in the hip program, l wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the program. I had been a distance jogger for 45 years. I have suffered a series of overuse injuries the last few years, and I thought my days of jogging any distance were over. I stumbled on the prehab guys on Instagram and thought it was worth a shot. I had a hard time doing strength exercises I was told to do, on my own. Yoga helped relieve the symptoms, but I could not make the class times. This program, I am happy to say, has allowed me to slowly increase my mileage again, pain free. The format worked for me...as I need to be told what to do, and if it is written down I will do it. Their program was affordable, well thought out, great videos to ensure exercises are performed correctly, and they even have built in timers and counters. The best part was I could do the workouts on my time table, and I can jog again. Thank you so very much prehab guys!"

Žiga Brlek

"The Prehab Guys and their app is a perfect solution for all those who want to improve their body mechanics ,reduce (or eliminate) pain, and improve controlled range of motion. For those of you that want to continue living active lifestyles I would definitely recommend all of their programs. Their exercise videos are put together well and are easy to follow with the video explanations and verbal tips too. I currently use the Hip, Neck & Mid back, and Shoulder app and they are all worth the money and effort (or even more!). The workouts are just long enough you can do them daily (15-20 minutes) and they are great to counter balance the stress and strain of daily life!"

Lisa Tipton

"I had greater trochanter pain syndrome and as a PT I knew from various hip courses and researching treatments how I wanted to treat it. I was able to rehab it and was pain-free, but I found a few weak links that still needed addressing via your hip plan. I'm now using it 1-2x's week to keep that GTPS problem at bay. Additionally, because I want to be able to help other hip patients, I wanted to purchase your program so I wouldn't have to work so hard to program myself! As an active user of both the hip and neck programs, I would highly recommend them for personal use or recommend them to your PT patients for purchase and home use or after PT discharge, etc. I have also told friends about both programs available to purchase if I don't have personal time to treat them."

Rhonda Hart

Rhonda Hart

"I've recently signed up for both the shoulder and the hip programs, and found my shoulders and hips are already feeling better, I'm less stiff and more stable which is so appealing to me both as a 54-year-old runner, lifter, and a coach. I really appreciate the attention to detail and good form. I appreciate the work that goes into making it such a useful resource!"

Aldrin Aldana

“I have been weightlifting for a few years, however, recently have started pushing with strength training. This involves exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts. I never had much coaching through these movements and was never sure if my form was good. This Hip program built me up from the ground up. I mastered the basics of hip hinging and activating my glutes and slowly moved forward with what I thought was a very appropriate progression of exercises for me. By the end of the program I felt much more confident with my strength training!”

Annika Dawson

"My hips have always limited me from going to group fitness classes. It seemed as if the classes were either too easy and I wouldn’t be challenged, or it would be too aggressive and leave my hips or low back achy for a few days. I wasn’t really sure how to fix this issue. I tried the hip prehab program, and honestly, I learned SO much about my own body. Being able to control my low back, pelvis, and hips through different exercises has really been a game changer. I feel like I have control of my hips and have been able to exercise pain free. Most important thing is the prehab guys really teach you how to stay pain free, I still go through many of these movements on a weekly basis."

Madison Poole

"I started off strong with my Hip Prehab program and it worked wonders. My right hip was in constant pain, popping in several different areas, sharp pains, and I really could not pinpoint the exact point of contention. With this all encompassing program my hip no longer pops and i do not feel any pain. I have to admit that over the holidays I neglected my exercises and in just that short 2/3 week period I could feel the pain starting to come back. I have since been back at it and again the pain is subsiding. I would highly recommend this to anyone experiencing any pain or discomfort in their hips."

Ready to get started?

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  • Commit to the 14-week Hip [P]Rehab plan
  • Start improving your hip health today!


The complete program for optimal hip function


  • 14-week workout plan with 3 progressive phases targeting unique goals
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise videos
  • More than 100+ variations of different exercises
  • Multiple objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program
  • Private Community Forum to chat with us directly
  • Lifetime access to the program and exercises


hip prehab program hip rehab phase 1
  • “Hip Rehab” 4-Week Program
    with a comprehensive routine we use in the clinic with hip pain patients
  • Exclusive Discounts
    on recommended equipment to optimize your success
  • Recovery Blocks
    specific mobility and recovery exercises to help you feel less sore, more energized, and ready to tackle the next day of the program
hip prehab program hip rehab phase 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is appropriate for the Hip Prehab Program?

The Hip [P]Rehab Program is for anyone looking to get more out of their hip(s)! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, competitive athlete, superhero parent, or just someone interested in improving their hip health, you can benefit from this program. We make it easy and teach you how to self [P]Rehab your hips and keep them healthy for anything life throws at you.

Why should you buy it?

Over the past few years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients and clients with hip injuries. Using the latest evidence-based research and our clinical experience, we have pioneered a very safe and effective [P]Rehab program that can take you from rehabbing old aches and pains all the way to maximizing your athletic performance on the field or in the gym.

If I have pain, is this program still right for me?

We designed a phase 1 rehab program similar to how we program hip rehab exercises in the clinic. With this phase, you will be introduced to light mobility, stability, and strengthening exercises to build up your lower body foundation before more advanced exercises. We also address the low back and pelvis region with this program, which more often than not can contribute to hip pain. Furthermore, we’ve built in regressions and alternatives to every single exercise in our program. We recommend anyone with hip pain and/or discomfort to start with phase 1 after getting clearance to exercise from their doctor.

I am planning on having surgery soon, can I use this program as my prehab?

YES! We designed this program with you in mind! Many of our patients do not get prehab approved by their insurance (so annoying!), so we designed our program to also help with true prehab before surgery. You may need to go a bit slower through the program. Also, be sure to start with Phase 1. Understand that the stronger you are before surgery, the better your outcome after surgery will be. So a true [P]Rehab program like this one will be sure to set you up for success!

I have little training experience, is this program for me?

Yes! Phase 1 is the perfect place to start for you to work on the basics prior to beginning higher level exercises. Not everyone will and should progress at the same speed, if you feel like the program is at a good challenge for you, you have the option of repeating a week. We have also built in off days into the program to help with your recovery, especially for those trying out a program like this for the first time.

What does the program entail?

This program includes detailed exercise videos with verbal and written instructions for 100+ variations of different exercises. Each exercise gives you details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. This program will take you through what we believe is a perfect progression of hip exercises that focus on mobility, stability, and strengthening of your entire lower body and core.

This program also offers resources regarding how to navigate and maximize the program, training support videos if and when you need them, education about the hip and common hip issues, four different assessments to track your progress, and a community discussion board to interact with other group members and get app support when you need it. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your hips for life!

How long is the program?

This program is 14 weeks from beginning to end. It is broken down into 3 different phases, the first two being 4-weeks long, and the last being 6-weeks long, with different goals building upon one another. We have included a phase 1 hip rehab routine for 4 weeks, which we have made optional for those dealing with hip pain/discomfort or those looking to start from the basics. We have recommended performing the routine 5-6 days/week, but you can modify this based on your individual needs.

Am I able to do this program at the same time as other `{`P`}`Rehab Programs?

It depends! Yes, you’re physically able to have multiple programs going on our app that you have purchased. However, it depends on which programs you have in mind as well as what you’re doing training-wise outside of our programs. It is totally feasible to run one of our lower body and upper body programs (Foot & Ankle and Shoulder Programs). However, for example, it may be excessive to try and run two of our lower body programs at the same time as you may be doing two-a-days or working out every single day. We have had success stories with people running multiple programs at the same time, it just depends on what works for you! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us to chat more.

What equipment do I need?

We designed most of our workouts specifically in mind for you to do at home with minimal equipment. However, this will truly depend on which program you’re interested in as some of our programs require more/less equipment. Within the app itself for our [P]Rehab Programs we have an equipment tab for anything that is shown or used in the program.

Besides exercises what else does this app include?

With our [P]Rehab Programs you get access to what we consider the best online programming you can find! You’re gaining access to the same exercises and education that we as physical therapists use in the clinic. We want to change the narrative, rather than constantly helping people with a reactive approach that ends up being focused on management or dealing with a bad 1st decision, what if we could provide people the right exercises and education at the right time to improve long term outcomes? What if we could make that 1st decision the best decision? That is true [P]Rehab. The real power of [P]Rehab is education and we plan to empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your own health! With our programs, while we give you the blueprint, are all about educating YOU on how to become your own best physical therapist.

What payment options do I have?

You can purchase the entire program for $99. You will always retain your membership and full access if you bought the program.

How do I start the program after purchasing?

Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can used on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, iPad – you name it!

How do I purchase this program and access it if I have already purchased a different prehab program?

In order to make sure you can access ALL of the programs you have purchased under the same username – on the ‘Sign Up’ page DO NOT sign up again. What you want to do is click on ‘Log in to your account’ below the red ‘Sign Up’ box – then enter your credentials, then go ahead and purchase the program. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS STEP – you will get a failed payment or error message when you try to sign up or purchase OR you will end up with two separate accounts and you won’t have access to all of your programs on the same account. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Is there a sample program I can check out?

Yes!  We created a sample day of the program so that you can get the experience of the program and how the app works. Get signed up and try it for free by clicking the photo and/or link at the bottom of this page.

When can I use this app?

Now! The current dilemma is when people have issues with their body – they’re not able to get the correct help when they need it most, timing is everything! This app is readily available to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.

Why am I getting a Sign Up Error?

You must remove any space when creating your nickname. Below is an image showcasing this.

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hip prehab program sample

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We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of the program!