[P]ROTECT Your Shoulders
IMPROVE Shoulder & Scapular Stability
REGAIN Mobility
Shoulder aches and pains often times get neglected until it’s too late, turning a minor fixable ache into a debilitating issue and chronic pain.





The Shoulder [P]Rehab Program is a physical therapist developed, step-by-step program to help you minimize pain and optimize shoulder health. It will teach you how to regain and improve mobility as well as how to build a strong foundation for your shoulders and shoulder blades. Ultimately, our program is designed to bulletproof your shoulders for anything life throws at you!

16-week long program for optimal shoulder function

Simple and detailed step-by-step instruction videos

Improve your stability and mobility to maximize your athletic performance

Increase your shoulder strength to achieve your fitness goals

Appropriate for anyone no matter where you are at with your physical fitness

Prevent future shoulder injury and minimize existing pain and discomfort

Learn proper muscle activation to boost your gains and overall progress

Objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program



Shoulder exercises
backed by scientific evidence

Years of combined
Physical Therapists’ clinical experience

Success stories
from thousands of real clients








Sean B

Sean B

"Dear PRehab Guys, Thank you. You gave me outstanding program protocols and results. I was able to use it for 6 weeks to build ROM and strength and stability. An opportunity came up to do the rotator cuff repair and I decided to go for it. Thanks to your shoulder program and my surgeon's skills, I came out of the operation w/o the typical pain and was able to progress thru my PT to increase ROM and shoulder capsule strength and stability. At 4 months post op, I am hopeful to continue my safe and successful PT in order to add a decade more of aggressive athletic adventures! Thank you!"

Travis C

Travis C

"This is a pic of me at my last race in 2017, 3 months after I was in a car accident and my shoulder went downhill from there. I was looking for an exercise program for my shoulders and found The Prehab Guys programming to be very thorough. I followed it to the T and got some great results! I recommend it to anybody looking to strengthen their shoulders! Not sure if I'll ever be my former self but with TPG programming I'm definitely stronger than I have been in the last few years so thank you for everything you guys do! I'm very grateful!"

Cheryl R

Cheryl R

"I highly recommend ThePrehab guys for all your athletic physical therapy needs. I broke my foot and had surgery in February. As an avid runner, I wanted to get back out there ASAP. Coronavirus waylaid my plans. PT was sporadic or cancelled. I am so glad I found the Prehab guys. Everything I could want or imagine. And their programs are better than the PT I had at the doctor's office. Thanks so much getting me back on the roads. I also did the shoulder program for a torn labrum and it was fantastic also."

Justin Mark O'Brien

"The Prehab Guys are lifesavers! I was doing a military press when I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. For two weeks it clicked and had stabbing pains. I did what any fool does and became a doctor via Google search. I was sure I was never going to lift weights again after reading many horror stories online... but then I stumbled upon The Prehab Guys. After doing a few movement tests, I realized I didn't have a tear but rather needed to strengthen my shoulder and the muscles around it (particularly my back). I purchased the "Shoulder Prehab" program, installed the Prehab app on my iPhone, and I was off to the races. The Prehab app includes daily workouts (10-20 minutes max) specifically for the body part you are rehabbing. At first, I still had some shoulder pain during the stretches and band workouts... but in under a week, I was feeling great. Now 2 months later, I am stronger than ever! These guys are really on to something here... a regular Netflix of rehab! No questions asked, buy the Prehab program you are considering right now."

Matt Genereux

"My name is Matt and I'm a 5th year physical therapy student. I have been avoiding any pressing exercises (including pushups) since my junior year of high school when I started to have some shoulder issues. Since then, I've been to PT for rotator cuff tendonitis, pec minor tightness, poor posture / muscle imbalances, but none of that has really helped. It's been a frustrating process. I had seen some of the Prehab Guys' content on Instagram, and was excited when I saw this program come out. I decided to go for it. I used the app on my phone, so I would be able to read/watch exercise descriptions while working out, track each workout, and take notes on any modifications I had to make. The exercise descriptions were easy to follow and understand, and it was very clear how to make exercises easier if I needed them to be. I finished the program feeling strong. My scapulas wing less and my mid/low traps feel much stronger (those were my two main issues coming into this). I'm starting to reintroduce some pressing movements now and so far so good! I also have a bunch of new favorite exercises from the program that I can use in workouts and plan to use with my future patients. Definitely glad I decided to get this program!"

Žiga Brlek

"The Prehab Guys and their app is a perfect solution for all those who want to improve their body mechanics ,reduce (or eliminate) pain, and improve controlled range of motion. For those of you that want to continue living active lifestyles I would definitely recommend all of their programs. Their exercise videos are put together well and are easy to follow with the video explanations and verbal tips too. I currently use the Hip, Neck & Mid back, and Shoulder app and they are all worth the money and effort (or even more!). The workouts are just long enough you can do them daily (15-20 minutes) and they are great to counter balance the stress and strain of daily life!"

Rhonda Hart

Rhonda Hart

"I've recently signed up for both the shoulder and the hip programs, and found my shoulders and hips are already feeling better, I'm less stiff and more stable which is so appealing to me both as a 54-year-old runner, lifter, and a coach. I really appreciate the attention to detail and good form. I appreciate the work that goes into making it such a useful resource!"


"I was in severe pain after months of increasing the volume and intensity of the kettlebell military press in preparation for a training certification. Unfortunately, I had to forfeit that particular challenge at the event. Then I experienced the loss of all the strength I had gained in the past months. I tried all the tricks I could, ice, ice bath, liquid nitrogen bath, massages, chiropractic visits, dry-steam-infrared sauna. I also incorporated random shoulder mobility drills. All of it made very little difference. 2 months after hitting rock bottom I purchased the shoulder prehab program and committed to follow it strictly. The program was easy to follow and I got to work on it immediately. At first glance I wondered what those seemingly innocuous exercises could possibly accomplish on an experienced lifter like myself but I did them nonetheless. I quickly realized how I had adopted some faulty mechanics in my search of a 1 RM. The progressive nature of the program worked out fantastic. Slowly as each work-out and week went by, I was reconnecting dots via mind muscle awareness during shoulder blade movement. I specifically identified the movements that had an almost immediate effect on any sensation present in the first few reps of a given exercise. After about 6-7 weeks into it I knew I was (finally) on the right track. I experienced a reduction in pain with all aspects of life. This program works and was necessary in its entirety for me to see results. A few drills here and there would perhaps have worked before any appearance of pain but once I became chronically affected by it I needed a professional design. Adhering to it is also much cheaper and convenient than scheduling multiple visits with a physiotherapist. I have found the work-outs within it perfect in length and not tiring. They felt like an extended warm up to a training session. I am back to pressing heavy today: pain free. Thank you "

Rohan D

Rohan D

"I had injured my AC joint twice in a span of a year, the pain was so bad that I couldn't even sleep on my left side. At one point I thought I am never going to be able to lift again. Finally came across the Shoulder program and decided to enroll. I am currently in the last week of the program and my shoulders are feeling great again. I have build great strength in the last 3 months. I have been so impressed with the shoulder program that I decided to enroll with their knee program as well."

Mark Vinci

"Hey Guys I’m on my 3rd week. After 30 years of Continuous training you bet I have some shoulder issues. I thought I was pretty much done with doing any more intense workouts. After 3 weeks my bad shoulder is starting to feel better. Every person has their issues just stick with it and everything will work out"

Brion Austin Hilbert

"I have recently had some shoulder discomfort when lifting. I took time off, tried ice, massage, and anti-inflammation meds, nothing gave me anything more than temporary relief. I thought I had to just live with this ache when working out. I I went through the shoulder prehab program by the prehab guys which took me through many exercises. By the end of it I went back to my bodybuilding and hypertrophy style of training pain free! My favorite part was that towards the end I was performing exercises within the program that I had previously done at the gym making the transition smooth."

Kevin Hsu

"As a desk jockey, I spend much of my time in one position which I’m sure had led to my mid-back/shoulder stiffness. The shoulder prehab program really gave me better mind-body control with muscles around my shoulder and mid back. This program required minimal equipment which made it very easy to perform anywhere. This program gave me a database of exercise I can choose from whenever my discomfort comes on, more importantly I learned how to stay pro active with taking care of my body."

Corey Donohue

"After years of chronic pain after arthroscopic surgery on both shoulders, I was desperate to get back to an active lifestyle. I had tried all the standard recovery procedures and after countless hours of physical therapy and all that comes with it (co-pays, coordinating my schedule around their standard business hours, and the wasted time getting up to speed with each PT) I was fortunate to find The Prehab Guys shoulder program. From day one I was able to tailor my workout to the phase I felt comfortable with, while at the same time learn and understand why I was doing specific workouts - on my own time! As I progressed so did the workouts, and the ease of use made it a no brainer to keep going. After thousands in copays and countless hours away from work, I am finally on the road to recovery and continue to utilize all the information these guys have put together. I genuinely can’t thank them enough and look forward to the continued progression utilizing both the app and prehab community."

Tom Dillon

"The Prehab Guys Shoulder Program is the perfect method for strengthening your shoulders. As a rock climber and motocross rider, I know the importance of strong shoulders--Without them, it's easy to get injured. In the past, I have suffered from conditions like chronic bursitis due to weak shoulders. With help from the Prehab Guys, I am now stronger than ever. The beginning of the program focuses on relief of shoulder pain, while the rest focuses on strength and stability. This makes for a perfectly balanced program that can be repeated as needed. The exercises each come with a short video that contains easy-to-follow instructions on form and technique. I highly recommend the Prehab Guys Shoulder Program for anyone who wants an instructional, straightforward, and effective solution for their shoulders for life."



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  • More than 100+ variations of different exercises
  • Multiple objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program


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The Shoulder [P]Rehab program is for anyone looking to bulletproof their shoulders for life! Whether you’re an average Joe, fit Fiona, weekend warrior, athlete, or superhero parent, you can benefit from this program. We make it easy and teach you how to strengthen your shoulders and keep them healthy for anything life throws at you.
Over the past few years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients and clients with shoulder aches and pains. Using the latest evidence-based research and our clinical experience, we have pioneered a very safe and effective [P]Rehab program that can take you from rehabbing old aches and pains all the way to maximizing your athletic performance on the field or in the gym.

Shoulder arthritis, AC/SC joint injury, SICK scapula/scapular dyskinesis, shoulder/scapular position issues, scapular winging, shoulder separation, labrum/bicep issues, biceps tendinitis, shoulder instability, volleyball/baseball/basketball athletes with shoulder pain, shoulder sprain, shoulder GIRD, pectoralis major/minor strain, deltoid pain, any surgery other than rotator cuff repair with no exercise restriction and MD clearance, and upper trapezius discomfort/strain.


We designed an optional “Phase 0” rehab program with very gentle and light exercises to build up your shoulder foundation before more intense shoulder exercises. Furthermore, we’ve built in regressions and alternatives to every single exercise in our program. We recommend anyone with shoulder pain and/or discomfort to start with the optional phase 0 rehab program after getting clearance to exercise from their doctor.

YES! We designed this program with you in mind! Many of our patients do not get prehab approved by their insurance (so annoying!), so we designed our program to also help with true prehab before surgery. You may need to go a bit slower through the program. Also, be sure to start on Phase 0 and work up through at least phase 1. Understand that the stronger you are before surgery and the better your range of motion is, the better your outcome will be. So a true Prehab program like this one will be sure to set you up for success!
Yes, but indirectly! We will teach you the fundamentals of proper shoulder activation and stability, which will carry over into all of your main lifts or athletic endeavors like pressing, pitching, serving, swinging, you name it! A house is only as strong as the foundation it is built on, and the same goes for your shoulders! Far too often we neglect the shoulder blade and small rotator cuff muscles in our workouts. However, at the end of the day you have to practice your specific lifts, but doing prehab can help to keep you healthy so that you can push through plateaus and PRs!

This program includes detailed exercise videos with verbal and written instructions for 100+ variations of different exercises. Each exercise gives you details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. The key to maximizing your results is to optimize exercise dosing. This program will take you through what we believe is a perfect progression of shoulder and core exercises that focus on mobility, muscle activation, stability, and strengthening of your entire shoulder girdle. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your shoulders for life!

This program also offers resources regarding how to navigate and maximize the program, training support videos if and when you need them, education about the shoulder and common shoulder issues, two different assessments to track your progress, and a community discussion board to interact with other group members and get app support when you need it. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your shoulders for life!

This program is 16 weeks from beginning to end with an optional 1-week phase 0 for immediate shoulder relief to get out of discomfort. It is broken down into 4 different phases, each being 4-weeks long with different goals building upon one another. We recommend the program to be performed 4 days a week, however, you can adjust the frequency based on your needs.
If you’re currently rehabbing an old or new injury, your primary focus should be on our program versus other programs or exercise. Think of it as a short term sacrifice to reap the greatest long term benefit. The program is truly comprehensive with graded exposure supported by science that WILL get you back to your training routine before you know it! In these early phases, the less variables there are, the easier it is for you to learn what is and isn’t helping. At max, we’d only suggest simple aerobic/cardio exercise that does not aggravate your injury or training body areas not associated with your injury!
It may be smart to take a break from your current routine until you make enough progress that you can tolerate your routine again! Once you feel comfortable working back in your normal routine or exploring new activities, we’d suggest trying our program before, after, and on different days than your normal routine. It totally depends on the person, your fitness level, and your routine in regards to the best placement for our program!
A general rule of thumb, our anatomy and [P]Rehab programs are great to do prior to your routine, especially our mobility programs. On the contrary, you can perform these programs on separate days if the workout is too long for you, which may be the case if you’re nearing the end of our programs in the later phases! This is especially true for our [P]Rehab to performance programs, which are suited best to be performed by themselves or on separate days than your normal routine!
It depends! Yes, you’re physically able to have multiple programs going on our app that you have purchased. However, it depends on which programs you have in mind as well as what you’re doing training-wise outside of our programs. It is totally feasible to run one of our lower body and upper body programs (Foot & Ankle and Shoulder Programs). However, for example, it may be excessive to try and run two of our lower body programs at the same time as you may be doing two-a-days or working out every single day. We have had success stories with people running multiple programs at the same time, it just depends on what works for you! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us to chat more.

If you’re not exactly sure what is going on with your shoulder, or you’re looking to just optimize and improve your general shoulder health, our Shoulder [P]Rehab Program is going to be the best, most well-rounded program for your shoulders.

However, if you believe/know that you specifically have a rotator cuff issue, that is going to be the better option for you! Our Rotator Cuff [P]Rehab Program is similar to our shoulder program, however, all of the educational resources, as well as the exercise programming progressions, is much more specific to the rotator cuff. We created this program due to requests, however, we have had many people with rotator cuff issues experience success in the past with our general shoulder program. The major difference in our new Rotator Cuff program is that the early phases and exercise progressions.

With that being said, our rotator cuff program still focuses on scapular stabilization exercises as this is imperative in rotator cuff rehab as well. Again, the biggest difference between the programs is how exercises are programmed and progressed in phase 0 and phase 1 as phase 0 & 1 from our rotator cuff program reflect how we rehab specifically acute rotator cuff issues.

We designed most of our workouts specifically in mind for you to do at home with minimal equipment. We recommend upper body resistance bands, a foam roller, hip & core system, lacrosse ball, and yoga blocks. Within the app itself, we have an equipment tab for anything that is shown or used in the program. You can reach out to us to learn more if you’re concerned.
With our [P]Rehab Programs you get access to what we consider the best online programming you can find! You’re gaining access to the same exercises and education that we as physical therapists use in the clinic. We want to change the narrative, rather than constantly helping people with a reactive approach that ends up being focused on management or dealing with a bad 1st decision, what if we could provide people the right exercises and education at the right time to improve long term outcomes? What if we could make that 1st decision the best decision? That is true [P]Rehab. The real power of [P]Rehab is education and we plan to empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your own health! With our programs, while we give you the blueprint, are all about educating YOU on how to become your own best physical therapist.
You can purchase with one easy payment today. All sales are final.
FSAs and HSAs are used to pay for common out of pocket healthcare expenses. As a general rule of thumb, qualifying healthcare expenses include the cost of treatment or prevention of disease. If you think you have a medical condition that would benefit from an exercise program like our [P]Rehab programs, we suggest you talk with your doctor and have him/her provide you with a Letter of Medical Necessity. We have had many people use their FSAs and HSAs in the past for [P]Rehab programs! Please check with your FSA/HSA for more information.
Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can used on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, iPad – you name it!

In order to make sure you can access ALL of the products you have purchased under the same username – please make sure to use the same email address that you are currently registered under at checkout. Once purchased, your new program will be visible in the app!

Yes! We created a sample week within phase 2 of the program so that you can get the experience of the program and how the app works. Get signed up and try it for free by clicking the photo and/or link at the bottom of this page.
Now! The current dilemma is when people have issues with their body – they’re not able to get the correct help when they need it most, timing is everything! This app is readily available to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.
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We no longer offer refunds for our digital product, however we do offer Store Credit or an Exchange for a different program of your choice.  As long as you are within the 30 days, you will qualify for store credit or an exchange 

With Store Credit, you are able to use it when you are ready to make your next purchase and it does not expire. 

Your store credit can be used on anything [P]Rehab related such as: our [P]Rehab shirts, [P]Rehab bands or another [P]Rehab program. 

If the new program you would like to purchase is less than what you paid, we will give you a credit of the remaining balance that can be used at a later time for your next purchase. 




We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your [P]Rehab Program experience!

Bulletproof your shoulders for life with this [P]Rehab program!