5 Kettlebell Exercises to Increase Power

5 Kettlebell Exercises to Increase Power

Why do some athletes jump higher, sprint faster, and cut quicker than others? It is because of Power! A common misconception is that training for strength by loading large amounts of weight directly increases athleticism; however the transfer to your athletic endeavors are not made by simply lifting heavy loads. Power=Work/Time, meaning there is a velocity or speed component when training for power. This article will demonstrate 5 exercises that you can perform with just a Kettlebell to increase your rate of force production and level up your Power!ย 

We have been asked by many athletes regarding how one can receive the gains of olympic lifting without putting themselves at risk for injury. Before anyone gets upset as to why we are giving alternatives to popular olympic lifts; we are NOT saying olympic lifts are dangerous. Some may not have the appropriate equipment required to perform these lifts or may not have the available coaching to perfect the optimal for for these movements. In addition, the skillset to perform olympic lifts are high, these exercises shown in this article have a lower barrier to entry.

“Don’t Place Performance on Dysfunction”

It is to note that good mechanics and strength are a pre-requisite for speed or power training. If you want to focus on control and strength Check This article out. However, when adding intensity to your training you can truly maximize your training response. Shown in this article are 5ย exercises using a kettlebell that will ย help develop your lower extremity power without going through olympic lifts that often times have a steeper learning curve.

KettleBell Lunge Matrix

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One of my favorite comboโ€™s here. This exercises combines the reverse and front lunge. As you Reverse Lunge you will lower the kettlebell towards the floor. As you get toward the bottom of your reverse lunge load into the front leg to EXPLODE up into a front lunge. This should create momentum for you to elevate the kettlebell towards the arm on the front leg. If you only have access to a dumbbell this do the job.

Single Leg KettleBell Swing

This is a great way to bias each extremity when performing a kettlebell swing. As you swing the kettlebell up, elevate one leg. As you swing the bell up, focus on creating power with your hips, your hips driving forward should be the primary driver of this movement. it shouldnโ€™t take much to feel the burn!

Lateral Lunge Using Kettlebell

This exercise will help develop power in the side to side motion. Once your outside leg hits the floor, explode back to the starting position.

Deadlift <>Goblet Squat

These two commonly performed exercises can easily be combined as shown here. This is a great bang for your buck exercise. When performing a deadlift you are biasing the posterior chain muscles such as the hamstrings and gluteals, as you move into a Goblet squat you bias the anterior chain muscles such as the quadriceps.

Single Leg Jump

This exercise requires a lot of control! Notice how the kettlebell is inverted here, this allows me to hug the bell closer to my center of mass. Feel free to drive up with the opposite limb, this will help maximize vertical displacement. The kettlebell will give you some additional load to create power against!

In Conclusion, the best exercise for you varies on your sport and what your goals entail. Shown above were just a few exercises you can use with a kettlebell toย help develop your lower extremity power. Did you know that with or PrehabX Membership you can search by tags such as “Kettelbell,” Here is a sample playlist we created using a few exercises on our database using a the keyword kettlebell!ย As a PrehabXย Member, you can create unlimited playlists for you, your friends or patients/clients. Try it out for 10 days free HERE!


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