The Best Dynamic Warmup

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World’s Greatest Stretch

This is my personal variation to the ? ‘s greatest stretch that I use before any exercise. It more than adequately loosens up my hips, gets my shoulders active, and most importantly gets my nervous system primed for whatever workout I’m going to throw at it! Follow this step-by-step guide to maximize your time mobilizing and opening up your hips! .

1⃣ Double Hip opener: try to keep your back leg as straight (extended) as possible to stretch the hip flexors. For the front hip, really drive your elbow down to open up the hips into flexion as much as possible. .

2⃣ Groin stretch: drive your knee OUT to try and open up your groin (inner thigh). Not shown, but hold the knee out position for a few seconds, and repeat a couple times before moving onto the next step.

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3⃣ Thoracic spine rotation via the shoulder: you should be ACTIVE throughout each movement and thoracic spine rotation is no different. Build tension in the shoulder girdle and use your down arm to protract your scapula and rotate your torso. . 4⃣ Posterior capsule hip mobilization: push your body back using your shoulder (notice you’re getting a nice active shoulder warm up, too) in a posterior-diagonal direction. Imagine pushing your femur through your hip. You should feel a nice stretch/mobilization in the posterior hip here. . 5⃣ Hamstring stretch: nothing fancy here. Try and keep your knee as straight as possible. If it’s tight like mine, you won’t be going anywhere. . 6⃣ Sciatic nerve mobility: this is my modification to the world’s greatest stretch and my favorite part of the routine. To facilitate the movement, use your SHOULDERS. In this way, you’re working on mobilizing into the overhead shoulder position actively using your muscles. Furthermore, in the downward dog position, you’re in a sciatic nerve tensioned position. If you feel an intense stretch anywhere from your butt to your calf, you’re really feeling your sciatic nerve more so than your hamstrings or your calf. And by working into and out of the point when you feel tension down your leg, you’re getting a perfect nerve mobility warm-up! After 5 reps on one leg, switch to the other side! .


As with anything, follow up this stretching with a dynamic warmup specifically tailored to your movement!




This is a quick and dirty hip mobility warm up that I utilize everyday before I lift. The main reason why I love this mobility warm up is because you get more bang for your buck!  It takes me just a few minutes to do a couple passes per side (video is sped up), and by the end I feel loose and my heart rate’s up without doing any running at all.  I try and target the hip extensors of the front leg on the first deep static lunge target. I also have extremely tight hip adductors, so I like to use my arm to push my hip into a little bit of abduction to get a further stretch. Next, I add thoracic rotation to both sides to increase T-spine mobility. My T-spine is also extremely stiff so I almost always get a cavitation (pop) of some sort. After, I push back and straighten out my front leg to get a stretch of the hamstrings. NOTICE I keep my foot POINTED DOWN, no need to put any excessive neural tension on your sciatic nerve in this position. Then come’s a little lumbar rotation to improve lumbar and lower thoracic mobility – again I’m stiff and usually will get another cavitation here. On the next static lunge, I now try to focus more on my hip flexors (of the back leg) by maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt. Then, I go into pigeon pose to hit the hip external rotators and abductors like the piriformis, TFL, and glutes.



Here is a very easy exercise to mimic mobility flow that we have found to be efficient at keeping a majority of your body parts mobile. To perform this: Walk your arms to a downward facing dog, where you will rotate your body pushing your heel down towards the floor one leg at a time, this will mobilize the posterior aspect of each leg. Lunge one leg into a Runner’s Lunge position and attempt to bring both elbows toward the floor, stretching your hip into flexion. Straighten the elbow of the side being stretched and rotate your torso towards the opposite side. Make sure to keep the loaded arm against your leg. This will emphasize a groin stretch in addition to mobilizing your thoracic spine. Rotate your torso towards the leg in front. Push back into a hamstring stretch. Try to keep a relatively neutral spine, you can see Arash’s low back round a bit here! Lunge into a hip flexor stretch keeping your arms raised. This will allow you to maintain your trunk upright. Move back into a downward dog and repeat on the opposite side! Attempt to combine these movements in the most fluid way possible, allowing a smooth transition from one movement to the next. Hence the word FLOW. Typically each position should be held for a full inhale and a slow exhale, around 5-10 seconds. Note: Feel free to add a pad under the knee to avoid any irritation.




What is the best way to warm up for squats❔ That is a loaded question we have received hundreds of times. SO to answer your question, we put together some of our favorite moves to improve your squat mobility! . This dynamic warm-up also includes the world’s greatest stretch❗️ What is that⁉️ Watch the whole video to find out‼️ . In this post you’ll find movements that help to improve… ✅Big toe mobility ✅Ankle mobility ✅Knee Mobility ✅Hip mobility ✅Lumbar mobility ✅Thoracic mobility ✅Breath Control in the deep squat What more can you ask for⁉️ . Parameters📝 There is no hard rule, but we recommend at least 5 rounds of each movement. You can spend more or less time depending on if you feel like you need more time, or if your workout time is limited. . Tag a friend, coworker, classmate, or workout partner that NEEDS this warmup. More importantly, tag us in your IG story doing this‼️



“Feel is the most perplexing part of golf, and probably the most important.” – Arnold Palmer Preparing for a round of golf is about getting your mind and body right for that ‘feel’. Golf is a mental game because it stresses the central nervous system. That feel, touch, and stroke you’re striving for over-and-over is mentally exhausting. By hitting the driving range, putting green, or chipping balls, you’re priming the nervous system for that ‘feel’. Just like any sport, you’re strengthening the neural synapses of the action you’re performing over-and-over again, for better (straight shot), or worse (slicing over and over). These days I’m lucky to golf, let alone get to the driving range prior to a round. BUT, I do know performing a warm-up can help to prime the nervous system. Doing so will allow my body to gain that ‘feel’, and control that ‘touch’. A pre-round dynamic warm-up routine promotes the body to activate muscles to control motions to smoothly swing the club. Here is a quick routine I’ve put together of 9 movements to perform prior to a round. That means if you perform each movement for 45s (including both sides of 4 of the movements) SLOW AND CONTROLLED you can warm-up in under 10 minutes!

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