Have you ever tried to draw someone doing a back squat with a barbell, it’s a lot harder than you would think. Although, I’m sure if you are a healthcare provider reading this there may be a time in your career where you were forced to pick up a pen and paper and attempt your best Picasso to draw some variation of an exercise to give to one of your clients. And while I can’t say that what you drew didn’t rival the Mona Lisa, I can say that your valiant attempt probably left your client slightly confused and maybe with a few questions on how exactly you wanted them to perform that exercise, if they can even tell what that exercise is…no offense.

Let’s chat through why the Prehab Exercise Library is the best home exercise program out there and why it’s a must-have tool for every clinician and even Picasso.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll share with you why the Prehab Exercise Library is the resource you need to take your practice from good to great – don’t believe me? Read on to find out!

Number of Videos

3000+…say it with me…OVER THREE THOUSAND EXERCISES. That’s right, our exercise library comes fully stocked with over 3000 4K videos. From Bulgarian Split Squats to Chin Tucks with Rotation to Tandem Balance and a little bit of everything in between you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

Plus, you can trust that the exercise is filmed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy ensuring that your clients are going to see how to accurately perform each exercise – check out our tutorial-style videos below!


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Get started with your free 10-day trial of the exercise library today! 


Tutorial Style Videos

Not only do our videos talk you through how you should be performing each exercise, but we also talk through common compensations to avoid and what muscles you should feel working! Now, from one provider to another, we know this is HUGE! Why? Because how many times have we had a client say “Oh yeah, I forgot how to do that exercise” only to see that they have been doing it incorrectly for the past week or so? Well, fret no more! Out are the days of “I forgot” and in are the days of “I crushed that exercise, what’s next?”

If we want our patients and clients to progress then we need to be sure we are sharing a trusted program with them. Our videos are videos you can expect quality, you can expect professionalism, and you can expect thorough explanations that your patients will get every time. See for yourself!




Request for Videos to Be Filmed

Yes, while we have over 3000+ exercises, we know we haven’t thought of everything. If there is an exercise that we are missing and you can’t seem to find it request for it to be filmed right here at HQ and you can expect the same level of quality with the exercise you requested as you see with every other exercise filmed. We want this platform to be a resource that just works for you, and we are committed to that.


Get started with your free 10-day trial of the exercise library today! 

Easily Update Programs

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to draw a stick figure exercise for a patient in a hurry, but we may argue this next point is a close second. Ever been trying to update an exercise program for a client and it takes clicking about 50 different buttons just to send the updated version? With the Prehab Exercise Library, you don’t have to worry about that.

Updating a program is as simple as clicking one button…we aren’t kidding when we say that. Simply add the exercise, adding in your individualized parameters, and then see that little “Update Now” button. go ahead and click that and boom. Done. Now what are you going to do with all that free time in your day? Check out an example program here! 

Curious about how to build a program? How do you email out a program to a patient? What if I have an exercise that I love but don’t want to constantly search for? All of those questions are answered in our “Getting Started” videos so that you can sit back, relax, and learn how to best utilize this amazing library you just signed up for!


Learn how to easily create a playlist for your patient by watching the above video.


Give Your Clients More than Just An Exercise

That’s right, sure the exercises are beneficial but have you ever wanted to send a patient home with an assessment to do? Maybe a video discussing what sciatica is just like you discussed during your appointment, well now you get to! Our exercise library comes packed with assessments as well as educational YouTube videos so you can hit home those key clinical points when they matter most! And also, what’s better than having a patient committed to seeing their progress through objective measures? Our assessments on the library allow your clients to perform any assessment at home and email you their results, that’s what we call gains!


It’s Better Together

Ok, so you are interested, but don’t you feel like this news is too good not to share with your friends and coworkers? So do it! We offer group memberships for groups of five clinicians or more so that no one has to draw stick figures again. Seriously. Enough is enough here.

If interested in a group membership, learn more here!


Closing Thoughts

In a profession where we are on a mission to help people live their best lives through movement, shouldn’t we provide them with the best home exercise program possible? With the Prehab Exercise Library, you know you have a platform you can trust. Created by clinicians FOR clinicians, you’re gonna wanna get started on your free-10 day trial like yesterday.

Welcome to the Prehab Exercise Library community!


About the Author

Dr. Lauren Lynass PT, DPT, CSCS

Certified Running Gait Analyst Level 1&2

Certified in Dry Needling

[P]rehab Head of Videos & Content Creator

Dr. Lauren Lynass is a Colorado girl at heart. While she grew up skiing, snowshoeing, and building snowmen, she has traded in her snowy mountains for the South Carolina beach life and currently lives with her husband and dog in their travel trailer “The Burrito.” As a physical therapist, Lauren has experience working with pediatrics, runners, geriatrics, athletes, and itty bitty newborns. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Level 1 &2, Certified Running Gait Analyst, Dry Needling Certified, and uses her expertise to host sport-specific strength and conditioning classes for local high school athletes.

When Lauren isn’t treating patients, you can find her running along the coast, hiking with the pup and husband, or simply swinging in a hammock lost in a good book. She considers herself a lifelong learner and loves that being a physical therapist provides her with the opportunity to do so! She enjoys being a part of the [P]Rehab Team as it allows her to collaborate with some of the very best in the field and empower others to take charge and ownership of their wellbeing.

Disclaimer – The content here is designed for information & education purposes only and is not intended for medical advice.


About the author : Lauren Lynass

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