Episode: 32 Managing Runners With Chris Johnson

In this episode, Craig and Chris Johnson, a triathlon runner and Physical Therapist, discuss all things running and endurance athletes. Topics from this discussion include Chris’s background including why he is so passionate about helping runners, some of the misconceptions runners as well as healthcare clinicians deal with in regards to running injuries, running and bone stress injuries, and easy actionable steps both parties can take to improve outcomes. Chris has a way with helping these types of athletes not only rehab back to their baseline but ultimately elevate the bar and compete at the highest level across the world. This podcast is filled with some great clinical pearls on top of just how to be a better healthcare clinician.

Chris Johnson is a physical therapist and certified triathlon coach (ITCA) based out of Seattle, WA. Chris is the owner of Zeren PT LLC, which provides unparalleled physical therapy and performance coaching for multisport athletes in the Pacific Northwest. Outside of his professional work, Chris races triathlon at the amateur elite level. He is a six-time USAT All American,โ€ฏthree-time Kona Qualifier, and one of the dominant age group athletes in long course triathlon. Chris is also extensively published in the medical literature and is a sought after international public speaker.


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Guest:ย Chris Johnson, PT

Instagram:ย @zerenpt


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