Episode: 50 Getting Educated On ‘Cortisone Shots’ With Dr. Alex Weber

In this episode, Craig is joined by Dr. Alex Weber, a Los Angeles based orthopedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist as well as a team physician for the USC Trojans & The Los Angeles Kings. Topics from this discussion include defining exactly what are ‘cortisone shots’ and other biological solutions, understanding the role of these type of injections and how they work, learning about alternatives to corticosteroid injections, learning about the short term vs. long term benefits and risks as well as potential risks and side effects. We also cover various scenarios as to why you opt for an injection and when you should consider something else along with the role of injections in the general population vs. sports medicine.

Dr. Alexander Weber is a specialist in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine at USC. He is also an assistant professor of sports medicine in the USC department of orthopedic surgery. Dr. Weber has a keen interest in caring for athletes across the spectrum from youth football to collegiate hockey to professional baseball (Chicago White Sox) and basketball (Chicago Bulls). Currently, Dr. Weber serves as a team physician for the USC Trojans & Los Angeles Kings. Dr. Weber’s practice has an emphasis on arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. He also has specialized training in all types of shoulder replacement. He has research and clinical interests in the treatment of the athlete’s hip and biologic solutions to cartilage restoration. He is also currently engaged in clinical and basic science research. He has lectured nationally and internationally on hip arthroscopy for the treatment of FAI and cartilage preservation/restoration of the knee and has authored scientific articles and book chapters that advance the clinical practice of orthopaedics and sports medicine.


-The Prehab Guys

Guest: Dr. Alex Weber

Email: weberae@usc.edu

Instagram: @dralexweber

Website: https://www.alexwebermd.com/

Office #: (855) 727-7678


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