Episode: 122 Do You Need Surgery After An ACL Tear? Copers vs Non-Copers with ACL Rehab Expert Mick Hughes

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Rehab expert Mick Hughes to discuss if surgery is the only option in treatment after an ACL tear. The conversation is incredible and split up into a 2 part series. In part 1 we look to answer, is ACL reconstruction needed or can you cope without reconstruction and return back to full function without surgery? What classifies someone as a coper vs non-coper? Can Non-copers become copers and vice versa? What are the considerations of determining if you should get ACL reconstruction surgery or not? These questions answered and much more on this episode!ย 


-Team [P]Rehab

Learn More About Mick Hughes

Mickย Hughesย is an Australian trained Physiotherapist who hasย recently passed advancedย training to become a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist. He consults at the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, right in the heart of Melbourne, and has a strong clinical interest in ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation. He sees between 20-30 ACL patients per week; ranging from the acutely injured all the way to 10+ years post ACL reconstruction. On top of his clinical workload, he is also the co-founder of both the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide and http://www.learn.physio – an online continuing education platform for health professionals.

Contact/Follow Mick:

Email – mickwhughes@gmail.com

Website – http://www.mickhughes.physio and http://www.learn.physio

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Instagram: @mickhughes.physio

Facebook: @mickhughes.physio

Twitter: @mickwhughes

Linkedin: @mickhughes.physio

YouTube: MickHughes.Physio

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do i need surgery after acl tear assess own knee pain prehab guys
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do i need surgery after acl tear assess own knee pain prehab guys