21st-century golf training is no longer just hitting the range or putting green. It has evolved into functional movement training with mobility, control, strength, and speed at its centerpiece. Not only are professional golfers acknowledging the benefits of this type of training, but so is the average golfer who is now reconsidering what they’re doing during their workouts. In this article, you will learn the best exercises for golf!


It’s All In The Hips

Golf training programs are now being developed in the eyes of movement practitioners. Golf is a three-dimensional activity, similar to human movement. Today’s golf swing demands effective loading and force production throughout the kinetic chain. Golf is a sport that demands loading from the bottom up, meaning energy is generated by the lower body, specifically during the backswing. The downswing is the unloading of this energy, and again this is initiated with the lower body, specifically the hips! This energy is transferred from the hips to the pelvis, trunk, arms, club, and finally the golf ball. This is referred to as kinematic sequencing, which in golf is greatly influenced by control of the hips. The following videos are movements designed to increase control of the hips and improve overall movement and control of your golf swing. Golf-specific training for the hips at its finest.


Hip & Low Back Opener

Sample Golf [P]rehab Program Exercise Video

Probably my go-to exercise prior to or after a round of golf, the hips, pelvis, and low back are so inter-connected that you have to tackle all of them for your golf swing not to be limited in any way. Give this a try!


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golf performance program the prehab guys

Improve your golf game by improving your golf fitness with [P]Rehab! Whether it be practicing your short game, hitting the range, or getting out on the links, you want to make sure your body has the physical prerequisites for golf. You ought to invest in your body and make sure that you can move well in the right places to swing the club as well as ensure you’re fit enough to tolerate practicing and playing as much as you want without injuring yourself. Our program is designed to make you physically and mentally golf-fit so that you can enjoy the game you love without limitations! Learn more HERE! 

Hip CARs

Mobility, in a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) sense, is defined as strength and control in order to expand upon usable ranges of motion, articular resilience (i.e. load-bearing capacity), and overall joint health. Adding FRC principles into your training and prehab routine can be a huge game-changer. Read more about FRC below!


functional range conditioning the prehab guys


Improving Hip Internal & External Rotation

According to an article by Vad et al. 2004, a high predictor of low back pain in golfers is reduced internal rotation of the lead hip. In golf, as one hip moves into internal rotation (IR), the other hip moves into external rotation (ER). IR facilitates loading during the backswing on the trail hip, and balance during the follow-through on the lead hip. Whereas ER on the lead hip facilitates the backswing position, and ER on the trail hip helps to initiate the downswing and generate power. Training movement in the 90-90 hip position is excellent for golfers because it puts one hip in ER, and the other in IR, just like golf! One of the best exercises for golf right here!


Want To Fix Your Backswing? Watch This Video!


Kettlebell Hand-Offs

Building off the mobility and control we’ve gained in the past videos, now it’s time to progress to a standing loaded position to further compliment golf-specific training for the hips. As demonstrated above is one of my favorite exercises for golfers. The backswing primarily loads the trail leg, whereas the follow-through primarily loads the lead leg, thus the body has to control this weight shift. This drill is excellent because it demands single-leg stability while getting comfortable with controlling weight-shifting. The added benefit is working on hip hinge performance, if you want to make this harder, switch legs each rep!


Thoracic Spine Mobility

In addition to good control and mobility of our hips, the thoracic spine is another area of the body that must move well for golfers to hit the ball well! Most overuse injuries can be attributed to poor hip or thoracic spine mobility. The thoracic spine is our mid-back area, and we get a lot of our spinal rotation from this area of our spine. Naturally, in our lives, we fall into poor postures, which is inevitable, and as a result, if we are not moving this area of our spine, it becomes stiff and locked up! Below are some of the best exercises for golf with a focus on thoracic spine mobility!

Spieth’s Backswing Drill

Sample Golf [P]rehab Program Exercise Video

Begin in a standing position while holding one band with both hands. Hold the band down in front of you to start. Step to the side with one leg. As you step to the side, rotate your chest opening up to that side, and extend that arm back behind you pulling the band. Keep your head looking down at your other arm which is down in front of you. Alternate to each side. You should feel your shoulder muscles working and a stretch in your mid back. Keep your hips facing forward, only rotate your upper half. Keep your head looking down at the arm in front.


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Don’t Forget About The Core!

Where else do we generate movement with our golf swing? The core! Having a solid foundation of core stability will allow everything else to come together with the golf swing. Trying to “arm the movement” is not going to generate a big swing. On the contrary, focusing on sound mechanics, and generating the force from your core and hips will allow you to gain depth on your swings! Here are some of the best exercises for golf with a focus on core activation.

Bird Dog – Band

Begin on your hands and knees with a band wrapped around your foot anchored by your opposite hand. In this position, you will balance on the opposite arm and leg. The wider you are the easier to balance, the more narrow the more challenging this will be. Bring the arm and leg with the band up as high as you can towards the ceiling, slowly return to starting position, and repeat. With the leg kicking out you will feel the muscles on the back of the hip working, with the arm that is punching out you will feel the muscles on top of the shoulder and back of the shoulder blade working. Avoid rotating the trunk, arching the back, or shrugging the shoulder as you elevate the arm with the band.


golf fitness and preventing golf injuries the prehab guys podcast


Closing Thoughts

Golf is a challenging sport, both physically and mentally. One of the greats said it best. Jack Nicklaus – “You can win tournaments when you’re mechanical, but golf is a game of emotion and adjustment. If you’re not aware of what’s happening to your mind and your body when you’re playing, you’ll never be able to be the very best you can be.” Ensuring that you set yourself up for mastering the game of golf is ensuring your body is primed for the activity! Incorporating a purposeful program of exercises specifically for this sport will allow you to do so. Focus on the body areas mentioned in this article to build a great foundation for golf. We have outlined some of the best exercises for golf in this article, now go and get after it!


Learn How To Enhance Your Golf Performance With Our Program

golf performance program the prehab guysGolf is sometimes looked at as a “leisure” activity. These people should likely get their eyes checked because 18 holes is work, not leisure! To swing the club your body must possess adequate mobility, stability, strength, and most importantly the ability to create and tolerate high power output. This program will focus on building golf fitness across the training continuing to give you confidence in unlocking the potential of your movement system! Click HERE to get started with us today. 



  1. Vad et al. 2004 “Low Back Pain in Professional Golfers The Role of Associated Hip and Low Back Range-of-Motion Deficits”


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  2. Craig Lindell February 20, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Hey Phil, thanks for the feedback! I was at Premier Fitness Solutions in Scottsdale, AZ filming live during their gym hours. The music was being played at the gym itself as there were other clients working out. Apologies if you had difficulty with hearing instruction, I will definitely keep this in mind for article part 2, cheers!
    – Craig and TPG

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