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Episode: 48

In this episode Craig is joined by Dr. Jesse Elis, the director of player health and performance for the Portland Trail Blazers. Jesse leads all facets of the Trail Blazers medical and performance staff to provide preventative maintenance and rehabilitative health care to Trail Blazers players. Topics from this discussion include Jesse's story, how he positioned himself to take on a very unique and rare role in the NBA, his advice and what it takes for someone to pursue a medical career in pro sports, the origins and true definition of load management, the most common NBA injuries and how they're managed, and understanding the demands of basketball.

Episode: 47

In this episode, Craig is joined by Dr. Jared Vagy AKA The Climbing Doctor. Jared is an expert when it comes to all things rock-climbing and physical therapy. Jared is also a very well rounded and an established clinician and educator. He has worked with various athletes and Olympians at the highest level and he is part of the clinical faculty at the University of Southern California’s DPT program. Topics from this discussion include Jared's story, how he became the climbing doctor and how it involved taking more risks than just rock climbing, breaking down the physical and mental demands of the sport, what it is like working with rock climbers from all ability levels in-person as well as remotely, and what you should know in order to help rock climbers!

Episode: 46

In this episode, Craig is joined by Cesar Roldan Jr, the head athletic trainer for the LA Galaxy Soccer Team. Cesar is a SoCal native and comes from a family with deep roots in soccer. Cesar is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations in the training room, acute management of sport related injuries, communicating with sports science, and performance staff on managing players throughout the season. Topics from this discussion include how the LA Galaxy team, as a whole, is currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, predictions for how things will be if and when the season returns

Episode: 45

In this episode Michael, Craig, & Arash decided to change things up. This is a podcast updating you guys on ourselves and what we have been up to during this pandemic. We start with what we are doing differently with our workouts. We go into the struggles of home workouts and how we are adjusting given the current situation. If you are looking for more at home workouts check out our [P]Rehab At Home program! Enjoy! -The Prehab Guys Leave feedback, let us know what to talk about next. Did you enjoy this? Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. ...

Episode: 44

In this episode, Mike is joined by his two good friends, Christy Landy RN, CSN, CEN, a registered nurse in the emergency room, and Dr. Michael Litt MD, PhD an internal medical resident. Both are currently treating and managing COVID-19 patients at Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston Massachusetts and joined the show to share their experiences and perspective on the pandemic. They provide sound advice on if wearing gloves and masks for the general public are necessary, if the hyper around malaria drugs to treat COVID-19 are warranted, how COVID-19 leads to respiratory and cardiac compromise, and the importance of social distancing. This episode was filmed on 4/1/20 and things the situation in Boston has already changed a bunch since then in regards to COVID-19!

Episode: 43

In this episode Craig is joined by Jarod Carter, owner of Carter Physiotherapy located in Austin, Texas. Jarod has been a trailblazer for cash-based PT services over the past decade. Today, he along with others are now designing the roadmap to successfully providing telehealth services. With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreading around the world, physical therapy and other face-to-face healthcare services are being significantly affected in efforts to flatten the curve. Business owners, clinicians, and patients alike are being asked to adapt quickly by stepping outside their comfort zone and exploring virtual services. Topics from this discussion include how to get started with telehealth, adjusting to the transition, showcasing the value of PT's knowledge and skills beyond our hands, and why it is important for everyone to contribute to flattening the curve.

Episode: 42

In this episode, Craig is joined by Kevin Schmidt, owner of Pedal PT located in Portland, Oregon. Kevin is the bike PT guru, seriously he is an expert when it comes bike-friendly physical therapy. Kevin specializes in bike fitting and the clinical management of all types of cyclists on and off the bike. Not only is he an expert when it comes to this niche, but he a serious rider himself and lives and breathes biking. Topics from this discussion include how to get into biking PT, the secrets and basics of bike fitting, tips with treating bikers, common issues you'll see with bikers and their set-up, and considerations when it comes to managing recreation vs. performance bikers.

Episode: 41

In this episode, Craig is joined by James Wilks, an elite special forces trainer, The Ultimate Fighter Winner, and one of the producers of the popular film (THE GAME CHANGERS) to discuss all things whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle. Topics from this discussion include James' background and what ultimately led him to a whole food plant-based diet, the benefits of shifting your fuel source to plants, the most common misconceptions and arguments against this type of diet, and easy actionable steps you can take to incorporate aspects of this type of diet and lifestyle if you desire.

Episode: 40

In this episode, Craig is joined by Dr. Greg Lehman to discuss controversial movement-related theories that will challenge your physio biases! Topics from this discussion include understanding physical load and stress - what does it actually do to the body? Are we doomed for failure with the wear & tear theory or are we built for robustness with the optimistic wear & repair theory? When do biomechanics and posture actually matter? What is the physical activity paradox? This and many more thought provoking questions to re-examine your approach to movement!

Episode: 39

In this episode, Craig has joined Cooper Fitzgerald, one of the founders from Eat Brave to discuss how to make your busy lifestyle easier. The brothers from Brave know all about busy and active lifestyles considering the fact they have traveled the world for work and exploration. Through their personal experiences, they realized there was a void to fill when it came to a modern breakfast for busy humans.