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Episode: 93

In this episode, Dillon, Sherif, and special guest MLB All-Star Ellis Burks look to answer; what qualities allow you to achieve a particular goal? What role do community and team play in overcoming adversity? Which qualities allowed Ellis to come back to professional baseball after multiple injuries and surgeries? What routines or habits allow professional baseball players to stay injury-free? All of this and more answered in this episode!

Episode: 92

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. David Meyer discussing every related to rehabbing and [P]rehabbing the mind! We look to answer why a social stigma surrounds mental health and how to shift perspective and find your identity in the initial injury phases. What role does mindset play in rehab, strength and conditioning, and overall performance? Dave also discusses tips and strategies to decrease fear of the unknown and how to develop GRIT.

Episode: 91

In this episode, Dillon and Taryn discuss the topic of dead butt syndrome or gluteal amnesia, answering the question: do the glutes forget how to activate? The glutes are one of the strongest muscles we have in the human body, where did the idea of them turning off come from? What is the role of the glutes? What are the best exercises for glute gains or booty gains? All of this and more answered in this episode!

Episode: 90

In this episode, Dillon and Sherif discuss the important differences in both diagnosing and treating high ankle sprains vs the common lateral ankle sprains! Along with discussing the differences in these two injuries, they answer the questions; Are X-rays or MRI's needed? How long does it take to return to sport after a high ankle sprain? Are ankle braces or ankle taping effective in reducing the risk of injury? Lastly, they discuss clinical pearls they have found in their practice to successfully treat ankle sprains and get athletes back to playing.

Episode: 89

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. Joe Tatta to discuss the topic of acceptance and commitment therapy from his new book Radical Relief: A Guide to Overcome Chronic Pain. The episode dives into the importance of identifying your values, psychological flexibility, mindfulness or present moment awareness, putting life before pain vs pain before life, and the role of self-forgiveness to treat chronic pain.ย 

Episode: 88

In this episode, Dillon and Craig sit down with special guest Eric Cressey to discuss strategies to develop rotational speed in athletes such as golfers, baseball, softball, and hockey players. They look to answer; what are the building blocks or fundamentals required to train rotational power? What are some training methods to build rotational speed and swing speed? What role do age and technology play in a rotational power development program? How can we incorporate medicine ball throws into a training program!

Episode: 87

In this episode, Dillon and Taryn discuss the topic of weightlifting belts. Should we be using weightlifting belts while working out? What benefit do weightlifting belts provide? Do belts decrease the risk of a lower back injury in the workplace and the gym? What's the difference between hollowing and bracing? If using a belt, what's the proper way to wear it? All of this and more answered in this episode.

Episode: 86

In this episode, Dillon and Sherif discuss the best approaches to treat chronic pain! They discuss the difference between top-down and bottom-up techniques. How effective is pain science education? Should opioids be used to treat chronic pain? How does the role of prediction play into all of this? Is it possible to get out of chronic pain and what obstacles can be faced along the way? All of this and more answered in this episode!ย 

Episode: 85

In this episode, Dillon and Sherif discuss everything related to the most complex sensation we experience, pain. What is pain? Why do we feel pain? What are the different types of pain? Is pain typically viewed as a good thing or a bad thing? The guys also discuss previous scientific explanations of pain along with the shortcoming of these theories that then led up to modern-day pain science advances. Lastly, they discuss pain related to prediction models and all the factors that play a role in the experience of pain.ย 

Episode: 84

In this episode, Dillon and Arash keep the conversation going on Rotator Cuff from part 1. In this episode they answer questions related to treatment options if rotator cuff related shoulder pain is present. Do you need surgery for the rotator cuff? Is conservative management successful in treating rotator cuff related shoulder pain? The discussion then turns to methods to prevent rotator cuff related shoulder pain from occurring in the first place and the importance of power based movements both at end stages of rehab and for [P]rehab. Lastly, the discussion goes into exercises Arash and Dillon like to use for the rotator cuff!!!ย