Lifting Weights Postpartum: Guidelines Need To Be Updated, What Should You Do About Leakage?

By |2022-11-14T08:20:05-08:00November 14, 2022|

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. Alexis Morgan and Dr. Christina Prevett to discuss strategies to return back to the gym postpartum. We look to answer questions: What is pelvic organ prolapse? Can you exercise with pelvic organ [...]

What Does WHOOP Measure? What Are The Benefits Of Wearable Health Technology with Kristen Holmes

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In this episode, Dillon sits down with VP of Performance Science from WHOOP, Kristen Holmes. We look to discuss the benefits of wearable health technology and answer: what does WHOOP measure? What does is mean to be ready to perform? [...]

Why Training Muscular Power Has The Biggest Benefit For Longevity and Independent Living Across The Lifespan

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In this episode, Dillon discusses the most important training that you need for longevity and independence: muscle power! We answer: what is the difference between muscle strength and muscle power, is power training safe for older adults, what are the [...]

Making Corrective Exercises Less Confusing, Pain vs Injury & Defining The Ready State with Dr. Kelly Starrett

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In this episode, Dillon sits down with 2x NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Dr. Kelly Starrett to discuss the evolution of Mobility WOD to The Ready State. We look to answer; what is meant by mobility? What [...]