The Prehab Guys are HighKey shaking up the HEP game

An episode that’s like 3 years in the making! We had a chance to talk with the very handsome and stylish, Mike, Arash, and Craig of The Prehab Guys tonight (after our clinic hours). The Guys enlightened us on topics such as time management, dealing with social media success, how they’ve grown since starting their biz as students, dealing with negative comments, Game of Thrones spoliers, how often they get their haircut, their future biz goals, and what it’s like to live/work in LA! So much fun. Thanks again to the Prehab Guys for being such positive forces in social media and for elevating the profession of physio!

The Prehab Guys dropped a new website along with their Prehab X membership – you have to check out the most comprehensive exercise library in the world including exclusive tutorial style videos breaking down how to perform, what to feel, and common compensations for each exercise and much more. Check it out:
The Prehab Guys are elevating the HEP (home exercise program) game to new heights!
You should already know their IG handle: @theprehabguys ….duh
Thanks for listening!


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