Episode: 27 Talking Nutrition And Blood Analytics With InsideTracker

In this episode, Craig and Ashley Reaver, a registered dietician and sports nutritionist from InsideTracker, discuss how you can use blood analytics to make better-informed decisions about your nutrition and lifestyle habits to promote longevity. InsideTracker helps you optimize your body using science and technology to deliver ultra-personalized guidance. They analyze your blood, your DNA, and your habits to create an ultra-personalized nutrition plan made for your body, tailored to your goals. They tell you what you need to do and more importantly why. You can track your progress and respond to real-time feedback from your body. Click HERE to learn more and schedule your first blood test, be sure to use the code ‘PREHABGUYS10’ to save 10%.

Ashley Reaver obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics at Cornell University and her master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition. She completed her supervised practice during her dietetic internship at Cal Poly Pomona and is a certified sports dietitian. In addition to her role as Lead Nutrition Scientist at InsideTracker, Ashley has a private nutrition practice and teaches at UC Berkeley.


-The Prehab Guys

Guest: Ashley Reaver from InsideTracker

Instagram: @InsideTracker

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