Episode: 97 Takeaways From The 2021 CrossFit Open and Periodization in CrossFit with Adam Rogers

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Coach Adam Rogers from Training Think Tank to discuss the 2021 CrossFit Open and what athletes should be taking away from it! Specifically, we look to answer; what’s the risk vs benefit of competing in the CrossFit Open? What were the themes of the 2021 open tests? How can athletes reflect to determine limiting factors from the open? Lastly, how can we address our limiting factors in the offseason to better prepare for next year’s open? All of this and more answered on this episode!ย 



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Learn More About Adam Rogers:

Adam Rogers started working for Training Think Tank in 2014. Born in 1982, Adam was a Division III collegiate soccer player and competed in a few triathlons and road races before finding CrossFit. Adam and his wife Becky started their coaching careers when they opened their own Crossfit gym.

Adamโ€™s clients include elite CrossFit competitors, national-level weightlifters, professional MMA fighters, active-duty military personnel, high school, and college athletes, shift workers, and general health and wellness clients whose main focus is improving the quality of their daily life.

Adam, his wife, and 2 boys work and play hard together, inspiring us all to appreciate what it means to be a โ€œhealthy family.โ€


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