Episode: 11 Treating Shoulder Instability With Dr. Makhni

In this episode, Arash and Dr. Makhni discuss Shoulder Instability. Dr. Makhni breaks down the common MOI for shoulder dislocations and subluxations, initial phases of rehab, who needs surgery, when he recommends using a brace and much more!

Dr. Makhni is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and joint preservation of theย shoulder,ย elbow,ย hip, andย knee. He also has extensive training in non-operative and injection-based modalities for joint preservation and injury recovery. He has a strong research background in managing shoulder and elbow injuries in overhead athletes and baseball players, including Tommy John Surgery and labral repairs. He also has extensive training in treatment of complex hip and knee injuries, including hip preservation surgery for labral tears and complex knee ligament reconstruction.


-The Prehab Guys

Guest: Dr. Eric Makhni

Instagram: @drericmakhni

Learn more about the Shoulder [P]Rehab Program HERE.

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