Episode: 25 Sports Therapy In Professional Lacrosse with Dr. Mike Giunta

Mike interviews Dr. Mike Giunta, a physical therapist, and head medical director the newly formed Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). Not only is the PLL unique in the sense that it is run and managed by the players themselves, but they also truly see the value in physical therapy which is why they brought on Mike as their head medical director. Mike discusses his role within the PLL, the importance of inter-disciplinary care, and his career path to this position. He also shares his recommendations for how up and coming clinicians or students can follow in his footsteps. For anyone interested in sports physical therapy or lacrosse, you are going to love this one!

Mike Giunta is medical director the premier lacrosse league, head physical therapist of the burton US open of snowboarding, and CEO of Evolution Physical Therapy in Los Angeles California.

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Email: Mike.giunta@premierlacrossleague.com

IG: @MikeGiuntaPT

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