Episode: 4 Life As A NFL Physical Therapist With Dr. Jon Hernandez

In this episode Jon and Craig discuss what its ultimately like to be a physical therapist working in the NFL. Jon shares his journey regarding how he ended up with the LA Rams, what its like to treat professional athletes, what his job entails, and some of the daily challenges he faces. Jon also sheds light on how working with pro athletes also has it’s similarities to traditional physical therapy in your average clinic.

Dr. Jon Hernandez is the physical therapist for the NFL Los Angeles Rams. He previously worked for the Buffalo Bills and is a Trojan Alumni where he completed his DPT education and sports residency training. Enjoy!

  • John Sosa
    Posted at 15:53h, 29 October Reply

    This post is misleading as the NFL, NBA, and MLB only hires Athletic Trainers. Any physical therapist that is โ€œhiredโ€ by a professional sports team is a certified/licensed Athletic Trainer and a licensed PT. This means that the primary role is being an Athletic Trainer and being a Physical Therapist with the team is secondary. That is why all staff members are Athletic Trainers and not everyone is a physical therapist. There is no such title as a NFL/NBA/MLB physical therapist, only NFL/MLB/NBA athletic trainers. This post takes credit away from the athletic training profession and leads prospective PT, DPT students down the wrong path if they wish to work with a professional sports team. To work with any NFL team, one must work their way up from being an intern and to receive an internship one must be an athletic trainer.

  • Craig Lindell
    Posted at 10:09h, 16 November Reply

    Hey John, we are under the impression this is not a hard set rule and the landscape is changing in regards to this. This is something worthwhile reaching out to Jon to and following up with as he will be more familiar than us. By no means does this podcast take credit away from the ATC profession and that was never our intention.

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