Episode: 93 Overcoming Adversity and Baseball Related Injuries With MLB All-Star Ellis Burks

In this episode, Dillon, Sherif, and special guest MLB All-Star Ellis Burks look to answer; what qualities allow you to achieve a particular goal? What role do community and team play in overcoming adversity? Which qualities allowed Ellis to come back to professional baseball after multiple injuries and surgeries? What routines or habits allow professional baseball players to stay injury-free? All of this and more answered in this episode!



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Learn More About Ellis Burks:

Ellis Burks was selected 20th overall in the 1983 MLB draft and made his debut in 1987 at 22 years of age as the Boston Red Sox centerfielder. In 1987 his batting line exceeded all expectations; 20 home runs; 27 stolen bases to accompany 59 runs batted in and a .272 batting average. He became only the third Red Sox player to total 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in the same season. He had 15 outfield assists, which as of 2017 remained the most in a season for a Red Sox center fielder. He became the 25th major leaguer to hit two home runs in one inning. He received a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove award for his performance in the 1990 season. He has played for the White sox, Rockies, Giants, and Indians, and then returned back to the Red Sox in 2004, where he was able to play his 2,000th major league game and help the Red Sox break the curse by winning their first title since 1918. In his playing career, he faced multiple injuries but continually found ways to come back and reach optimal performance! 


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