Episode: 43 Navigating Telehealth With Jarod Carter

In this episode Craig is joined by Jarod Carter, owner of Carter Physiotherapy located in Austin, Texas. Jarod has been a trailblazer for cash-based PT services over the past decade. Today, he along with others are now designing the roadmap to successfully providing telehealth services. With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreading around the world, physical therapy and other face-to-face healthcare services are being significantly affected in efforts to flatten the curve. Business owners, clinicians, and patients alike are being asked to adapt quickly by stepping outside their comfort zone and exploring virtual services. Topics from this discussion include how to get started with telehealth, adjusting to the transition, showcasing the value of PT’s knowledge and skills beyond our hands, and why it is important for everyone to contribute to flattening the curve.

Jarod Carter is a physical therapist and owner of Carter Physiotherapy in Austin, Texas. Carter Physiotherapyย is a fully cash-based physical therapy clinic where they provide an hour of one-on-one care in every treatment session. After years of setting up marketing and administrative systems, Carter Physiotherapy is a low-overhead, smooth-running machine that provides high-level care and customer experience. Best of all, it doesn’t require a great deal of time. When Jarod is not running his practice or working on his site, he enjoys time with family and friends.


-The Prehab Guys

Guests: Dr. Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC

Email:ย Drjarodcarter@gmail.com

Website:ย http://www.DrJarodCarter.com


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