Episode: 39 Make Your Busy Lifestyle Easier With Brave

In this episode, Craig has joined Cooper Fitzgerald, one of the founders from Eat Brave to discuss how to make your busy lifestyle easier. The brothers from Brave know all about busy and active lifestyles considering the fact they have traveled the world for work and exploration. Through their personal experiences, they realized there was a void to fill when it came to a modern breakfast for busy humans. Now, they provide clean fuel for busy lifestyles with Eat Brave Overnight Oats. Topics from this discussion include what ultimately led the brothers to create Eat Brave, their preferred strategies for conquering the day, how to build smart habits (including eating habits), and much more. Be sure to check out their website link in the show notes to get your hands on Eat Brave Overnight Oats today, a 20% discount is automatically applied at checkout!

Cooper FitzGerald started his career at Zen Planner, a SAAS startup and became the SDR manager and holder of assisted sales and SQO records. Before that, he owned and ran a food truck called Duo’s Takeout. With his background in food, sales, and management Cooper is highly qualified to be at the helm of Brave. He holds a B.A. in Politics and Economics from Colorado College. Brave Overnight Breakfast is a convenient, healthy breakfast designed to change how you start your day.

Key highlights: 30 seconds of prep, 20 grams of protein, plant-based, low sugar, and you’ll be full till lunch!


The Prehab Guys

Guests: Cooper Fitzgerald

Email: info@eatbrave.co

Website: Eatbrave

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