Episode: 38 The Importance Of Sleep With The Online Sleep Coach Nick Lambe

Not all sleep is created equal! In this episode Arash and Nick Lambe AKA “The Online Sleep Coach” discuss all things sleep related. A few topics of discussion include circadian rhythm, biological clock, sleep quality and quantity, sleep vs. sedation, and the 3 main causes of sleep issues. They discuss a few actionable items that you can implement today to improve your sleep health!

Nick Lambe has been a coach for the last 8 years. He has always aimed to and prided himself on being different in his approach to working with clients. He is a massage therapist, strength coach, sleep coach and health coach but envisions himself firstly as a healthcare practitioner. He believes exercise and lifestyle interventions can be some of the most powerful medicine, especially proactively for our health. Nick has done certification work in many other aspects of health and wellness such as sleep, nutrition, behavioral psychology, heart rate variability, brain health, stress management and more. Most notably in these lifestyle interventions, he has taken a deep dive into sleep. He believes that sleep is the foundation for health and well being, despite being often underappreciated and undervalued.Enjoy!

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Guest: Nick Lambe

Sleep Coach Course Inside List (list.sleepcoachcourse.com)

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