Episode: 89 Fighting The Opioid Epidemic And Finding Radical Relief For Chronic Pain With Dr. Joe Tatta

In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. Joe Tatta to discuss the topic of acceptance and commitment therapy from his new book Radical Relief: A Guide to Overcome Chronic Pain. The episode dives into the importance of identifying your values, psychological flexibility, mindfulness or present moment awareness, putting life before pain vs pain before life, and the role of self-forgiveness to treat chronic pain. 



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Dr. Joe Tatta is a global leader in integrative pain care and an advocate for the safe and effective treatment of chronic pain. He is the Founder of the Integrative Pain Science Institute, a cutting-edge health company reinventing pain care through evidence-based treatment, research, and professional development. For 25 years he has supported people living with pain and helped practitioners deliver more effective pain management. His research and career achievements include scalable practice models centered on lifestyle medicine, health behavior change, and digital therapeutics. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trainer. Dr. Tatta is the author of two bestselling books Radical Relief and Heal Your Pain Now and host of The Healing Pain Podcast. Learn more by visiting https://www.integrativepainscienceinstitute.com/


Link to Radical Relief Book: https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Relief-Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment/dp/1942798229


Free ACT Masterclass: https://www.integrativepainscienceinstitute.com/act-for-chronic-pain-masterclass/


Facebook: @DrJoeTatta

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-tatta-pt-dpt-cns-60564047


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