Episode: 34 Athletic Training in D1 College Sports

In this episode, Craig is joined by Tesa Johns & Andy Mutnan, who are athletic trainers for The Penn State Football Team, to discuss all things Athletic Training in D1 College Sports. Topics from this discussion include what exactly is an athletic trainer, what an ATC’s role looks like and how it evolves season to season, what it’s like to work in a D1 college football setting with extremely talented student athletes, prehab for athletes, and some of the constraints and limitations to true prehab in a competitive environment. Furthermore, they discuss where the profession is at, how it is has adapted over the years on and off the field, and where Tesa and Andy would like to see it go in the future.

Tesa Johns is a licensed, board-certified assistant athletic trainer at Pennsylvania State University, where she works exclusively with Penn State Football. She is a 2015 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, where she majored in athletic training and minored in psychology. She obtained a master’s degree in sport and pedagogy at Louisiana State University in 2017. At LSU, Tesa was a graduate assistant athletic trainer, working with LSU Football as well as the track and field team. She also plays an intricate role in the collaboration between Penn State Center for Sport Concussion Research & Services and Penn State Sports Medicine.

Andy Mutnan is in his second year at Penn State as the head athletic trainer for football and his 17th overall.โ€ฏAndy earned his bachelor’s degree in athletic training with a minor in psychology from the University of North Dakota in 2002 and his master’s degree in sports administration from the University of Minnesota in 2005.โ€ฏPrior to coming to Penn State, he spent five seasons at Washington State University as the head football athletic trainer, five seasons at the University of Nevada as the associate director and head football athletic trainer, and also served as an assistant athletic trainer (2004-08) and graduate assistant (2003-04) at the University of Minnesota.โ€ฏHe spent the 2002-03 season at the University of Colorado as an athletic training professional intern.


The Prehab Guys

Guests: Tesa Johns & Andy Mutnan from Penn State Football Sports Medicine Staff

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