Do your hips feel tight? Do you want to learn how to improve the mobility of your hips? The hip is one of the most active and mobile joints in the human body. Whether you perform activities such as walking, ambulating stairs, deadlifts, or playing sports, having adequate hip mobility is important to all! Hip mobility limitations have been associated with issues both upstream (at the low back) and downstream (at the knee). This article will educate you on exercises for tight hips and how to perform them correctly! 


Understanding Hip Movement

Before diving into the exercises, it is imperative to understand the hip movement planes to further maximize your hip motion. Refer to the video above to better understand the motions that occur at the hip. The 3 motions at the hip include:

Understanding hip anatomy for tight hips the prehab guys

  • Sagittal Plane Motions: Hip Moving Front <> Back (Hip Flexion <> Hip Extension)


  • Frontal Plane Motions: Hip Moving Out <> In Across The Body (Hip Abduction <> Hip Adduction)


  • Transverse Plane Motions: Hip Rotation Out <> Rotation In (Hip External Rotation <> Hip Internal Rotation)


Fix Your Tight Hips With Our Hip Mobility Program!

hip mobility program stiff hip exercises the prehab guys

The Hip Mobility Overhaul [P]rehab Program is the ultimate resource for those looking to improve their hip mobility. The natural design of the hip allows it to serve as the key to foundational movement. If we begin to lose access to that mobility we are missing out on significant movement potential and increase the risk of injury at the hip along with areas above and below such as the low back, knee, and feet. With this program, you’ll regain access to your hip mobility and enjoy life with limitless movement! Learn more HERE.


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Dynamic Exercises For Tight Hips

Do the hips influence movement below throughout the lower body, or do the hips influence movement above at the pelvis and spine? The answer is actually Both! The hips play a dominant role in movements across the entire body, which is why pathology of the hips can lead to much larger problems. In order to sustain a highly active lifestyle, it is critical to master exercises for your tight hips. If it is truly a mobility issue, the exercises below can help to improve your tight hips today!

World’s Greatest Stretch For Tight Hips

Sample Hip Mobility [P]rehab Program Exercise

This exercise is the best bang for your buck. The world’s greatest stretch will help open up all motions of the hip. It will also help with mobility in other parts of the body too!


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Half-Kneeling Dynamic Hip Flexor And Hamstring Stretch

Sample Hip Mobility [P]rehab Program Exercise

Begin this exercise in a half-kneeling position with something soft underneath your knee. Tuck your tailbone, keep your low back flat and chest up, and shift your weight forward to get a stretch on the hip flexor. Then straighten your other knee, hinge at your hip with your chest up, and shift your weight backward to get a hamstring stretch. Repeat. The Side with the knee down is going to be the side you feel the hip flexor stretch on in front of your hip, and potentially even down into the front of your thigh. On the opposite leg, you will feel the hamstrings stretch behind your thigh.


exercises to improve hip mobility the prehab guys tight hips


Hip Active Range Of Motion Exercises For Tight Hips

Follow up your dynamic mobility exercises with activation drills. Passive stretching yields passive results, in order for the body to maintain the newly afforded range of motion, you must activate the muscles in those positions. Activation drills will make the mobility gains stick!

Sample Hip Activation & Active Range Of Motion Exercises

This movement will take you through the entire motion of the hip – from hip flexion to abduction to extension, make sure to keep your trunk upright as best as you can for this exercise!  

Begin this exercise by keeping your knee bent, if this is too easy you can straighten the knee out which will further challenge the hip by increasing the moment arm. 

Note: If you cramp don’t be concerned, this is pretty common. Take a break and then get back at it. This will only get easier.


stiff hips femoral acetabular impingement exercises mobility the prehab guys


Closing Thoughts

The hip is such a foundational joint for our body, which helps transfer the forces from our spine and pelvis and dissipate it appropriately throughout the lower body. Moreover, it serves as not only a very stable joint but also very mobile. However, with a lack of movement throughout your day, the hip complex can become tight, leading to a host of issues. This article has provided you with some strategies you can implement into your daily routine to open up your hips and keep your movement system happy. If you are looking for a more specific program, guided with education and graded programming week to week, click on the link below!


Improve Your Overall Hip Mobility With Our Program Today!

hip mobility program stiff hip exercises the prehab guys

The powerhouse of the movement system: the hip. With all of the force it can generate and without purposeful attention, this joint can start to feel pretty stiff. It’s a ball and socket joint by design meaning it was made to move in all planes of motion. If you want to optimize your movement system hip mobility is a great choice!


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craig lindell the prehab guysCraig is a South Jersey native & Penn State Kinesiology Alumni. When the opportunity came, Craig packed his bags and drove to California to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. With [P]rehab, Craig oversees all digital content creation and multi-channel publication that reaches millions of people on a weekly basis. As a PT, Craig has a wide array of experience from working with various neurological conditions to working with collegiate & professional athletes across the Big Five in North American sports. Experiencing physical therapy first-hand as a soccer player in high school, Craig has a passion & special interest in adolescent athletic development working with young athletes to overcome injuries. In his spare time, Craig enjoys exercising, playing golfing, hiking, traveling, watching Philly sports, and spending quality time with his family.






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