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As physical therapists, we have treated thousands of patients just like you.

We want you to receive the right treatment at the right time, so we decided to teach you how.

What if you could be proactive about your own health and avoid the slow medical system?

Now you can.

Are you tired of missing out on your favorite activities, feeling left out, aggravating old injuries?

We get it, we care, and we want to show you a better way.


Do you ever wonder what it would be to live your life at full physical capacity?

You may not be able to change the past, but you CAN have a say in your future.

Whether they involve competing in sports, going on a hike, or simply being able to play ball with your kids

Stop being influenced by fake news or misconstrued beliefs as downright facts.

You are not your diagnosis.

Instead, open up your mind to the possibility that your body’s abilities are limitless.

In fact, your body has a near endless and vastly unexplored capacity to get stronger, faster, healthier, more agile, and more flexible—all you need is to know how to get there.


We know that time is always of the essence.

We believe you should never have to wait to get the relief you need from pain or injury—in fact you should never have to put off dealing with any physical barrier that holds you back from doing what you love!

We also know that being proactive about your health and body is key to avoiding unnecessary reactionary measures down the line. If you are entering a competition, you train for it ahead of time—not after the fact. If life is a race, then we want you to win it.

We don’t just want you to heal—we want you to THRIVE!

Knowing what your plan is to achieve your goals removes the element of fear and replaces it with a sense of strength and control.

You deserve better than good—you deserve GREAT. Moving your body as intended, unlocking your physical potential, and healing internal trauma alongside any physical scars, are all integral parts of achieving that greatness. We know how to take you there, and we will show you how!

Your mind may be telling you that you are weak….
…but that is NOT TRUE!


The TRUTH is that the body’s capacity is
LIMITLESS, which is why we came up with a
SYSTEM to teach you how to:

  • Heal Yourself From Injury
  • Unleash Your Physical And Mental Strength
  • Reach Your Ultimate Goals
  • Achieve Your Athletic Potential

Fulfill Your True Potential

As a team of triple Doctors of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, we have dealt with thousands of patients over the years and seen enough to understand what you are going through.

Not only that – we have been through the insurance model first-hand, which means we know exactly how slow, frustrating, and tedious of a process it can be. In short: we don’t like it, and see a desperate need for change.

We took matters into our own hands and dedicated our efforts to create an online solution that will help people, like you, get back to enjoying their lives, without limitations.

We will teach you proactive training methods to optimize your athletic performance and improve your movement patterns in a way that not only maximizes your physical potential, but which will prevent future problems and injuries.

Your body is unique, and our programs will show you ways to use both your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

Are you ready to take charge of your
health, find immediate solutions to your
problems, and live a limitless life?

  • PREVENT injuries BEFORE they happen with proactive PREHAB
  • Find out WHY you are in PAIN and WHAT to do about it INSTANTLY

what others are saying

what others
are saying

Dr. Nima Mehran, Orthopedic Surgeon, USA

"The prehab guys are taking physical therapy to a whole new level. Their digital platform reaches patients all over the world. They provide well researched, well organized material. They genuinely care about your progress and spend endless hours working to improve their craft. Most importantly, they are humble and understand medicine is evolving and work diligently to keep up."

Chad Waterbury, Physical Therapist, USA

"The Prehab Guys have created a novel approach for educating the public about the benefits of physical therapy. Having known these terrific guys for years, they definitely possess the spirit, integrity and determination to take the physical therapy industry to the next level. Whether you’re a trainer, health-care professional or weekend warrior, your body and skill set will greatly benefit from their information."

Drew Marcos, Physical Therapist, USA

"These “Guys” have helped to positively impact the public perception of physical therapy. They have created a movement in physical therapy that allows the general public to take hold of their own bodies and be proactive about training and rehabilitation. They have great insight to the knowledge needed to recover and prevent injuries. I am excited about the future with these “Guys” around our profession to help spread education and technique to the public."

Ben Gladden, Sports Physiotherapist and Trainer, United Kingdom

"I think you guys are brilliant!!! Great explanations/ demonstration/ inspirations! Would love to come work with you guys but sadly in the uk. Keep up the great work guys, you’ve inspired me in my sports therapy once again thank you "

Tommy Cheng, Athletic Trainer, USA

"I was put onto these guys a few months back. As the head ATC at a physical therapy clinic in NYC, I can confidently say that their posts are relevant, both, to the real world and athletic population. The posts are interesting, quick, and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work."

Meghan Jackson, Pilates Instructor, USA

"So happy to have found this page. As a Pilates instructor for the past 18 years, I love the common sense and easy to follow techniques and explanations you guys provide to common issues. It helps me take a different perspective on things that I can easily translate to my clients. Excellent work!"

Darcy Webb, High Performance Coach, Austrialia

"Phenomenal content... such progressive philosophies toward human movement."

Gabrielle Koym Pulliam, Physical Therapist

"I love your articles and reviews of different topics. As a PT by myself in the clinic, it's easy to get tunnel vision. I really enjoy all the new and different exercises presented here. I also feel that having a wide variety of exercises to teach was an area lacking in school. I feel I get a lot of good ideas AND the science behind them. Thank you! "

Ashley Hall, Physical Therapy Orthopedic Resident, USA

"These guys are amazing! They represent physical therapy so well and it is motivating to realize that they are just as far along in their education as I currently am. I have been following them on facebook and instagram for some time now to steal exercise ideas for use in the clinic. Not a week goes by where they don't deliver! Keep up the amazing work for our profession!"

Joey Salgado, Physical Therapist, USA

"These guys have been an amazing inspiration to those around social media and can only imagine how much more in person. The material that they share has been extremely valuable within my own clinical practice (even as a 6th year PT). They have leveraged the power of social media to the fullest!!! They also have provided great advice regarding business and social media growth and being that I have my own practice, it's been extremely helpful. Thank you fellas for inspiring. Looking forward to hopefully connecting when we go to L.A!"

Eric Clark, Physical Therapist, USA

"This site is great. I'm a PT in the private practice arena and the content these guys publish is very clinically relevant. I've used and shared videos with my patients with great success. Way to maximize social media! Keep up the great work guys!"

Lana Khader, Physiotherapist, Jordan

"Amazing guys the best physiotherapy page you will ever see  No words can describe how amazing you are."

Oscar Shao, Powerlifter, Netherlands

"I've personally worked with Michael, very knowledgeable and passionate about PT. Strong educator and communicator, solid understanding of the biomechanics of the human body. 10/10! Would definitely work with again!"

Elizabeth Kuwahara Hoban, Physical Therapist, USA

"These therapists use current evidence/research and are biomechanical experts who have great clinical reasoning and critical thinking behind their posts. Keep the excellent posts coming, guys!"

Kushal Singh, Kinesiology Student, USA

"These guys are awesome! They post fantastic content, and are willing to help so much to the point they even gave me a personal call and we had a conversation on any question I had.  Great group of guys who will be outstanding providers."

Jehan Saga, Product Analyst, USA

"These guys really know what they're talking about. If you want to weight train with correct form and want to prevent long term injury, follow the advice these guys offer."

Eyal Smener

"I found the exercises in your program to be very easy to understand and follow. Also its availability to me at any time made it very convenient to adapt to my schedule. I think that these programs are becoming an excellent alternative to get into a personal PT training during current Covid-19 quarantine. Thank you!!"

Sean Madigan, Graduate Sports Therapist, UK

"As a sports therapy student, videos really help understand new ways of prehab and rehab treatment ideas. Great to see and plus new alternatives on some outdated programmes/exercises."

Daniel Shih, Office Administrator, Austrialia

"Thank you, Prehab guys, for providing excellent, research-based, thoughtful posts that are deep enough to challenge physios, while easy enough for someone without the training (like me) can understand and appreciate."

Katy Anderson

"At one point or another I have directed almost all of my patients/clients to one of their Instagram posts. Great quality. Great variety. So excited about this new website. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks for sharing!"

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