Why You Need Hip Prehab

Why You Need Hip Prehab

Hip issues are one of the more common complaints we hear in the clinic and online in our inbox. It is more than likely you have dealt with hip pain or a hip issue at some point in your life. What’s crazy is there are so many people dealing with low-level hip issues and far too often these people wait until it is a serious problem to address it. Not being proactive about your health and addressing issues before they become a bigger problem is why we have clinical jobs as physical therapists. Our Hip Prehab Program is the answer to changing this narrative. In this article, you’ll learn more about our hip prehab program including an inside look at the program’s content and the value of prehab!

Why Hip [P]Rehab?

Through conversations in the clinic and with people online all over the world,ย we realized there was a void to fill to help people with avoiding hip issues. People wanted hip prehab, people wanted a program to follow to avoid injuries and surgery if possible. Our goal from day one has been to change how healthcare works and encourage people to invest in their health now, taking a proactive approach with their hips before its too late. We needed to educate the masses about why you need hip prehab!

What Makes The Hip Difficult To Manage?

The hip is complex due to its relationship with the pelvis and low back. To be honest, more often than not hip issues are secondary to issues elsewhere above, below, and around the hip. The hip is often the victim and not the culprit, the tricky part is figuring out the culprit. With our program, we educate you about the common culprit sites like the pelvis and low back and how to address them appropriately. If you don’t take care of these sites and just focus on your hip, it’s like filling a tire with air that has a leak somewhere. You may get by, but it’s not a long-term solution.

The Hip [P]Rehab Program

Our program is designed to be that long-term solution for you now as well as something you can refer to in the future if you ever have a setback. The program itself is a 14-week, 3-phase program designed to rebuild your hips from the ground up. Whether youโ€™re a weekend warrior, competitive athlete, superhero parent, or just someone interested in improving their hip health, you can 100% benefit from this program. We make it easy and teach you how to self [P]Rehab your hips and keep them healthy for anything life throws at you through detailed exercise programming and our signature resource videos.

Detailed Tutorial Style Videos

This program includes detailed exercise videos with verbal and written instructions for 100+ different exercises with variations. Each exercise gives you details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. The key to maximizing your results is to optimize exercise dosing. This program will take you through what we believe is a perfect progression of hip exercises that focus on mobility, stability, and strengthening of your entire lower body and core. Below is a sample exercise from each phase.

Phase 1 Sample Exercise

Phase 2 Sample Exercise

Phase 3 Sample Exercise

Physio Resources In Your Back Pocket

We realizedย the true value in our programย would be theย education, the resources, and thorough guidance. We put a lot of effort into making the program truly comprehensive so that when someone signs up they know exactly how to start, how to find content, and how to get questions answered. This program also offers a variety of resources regarding how to navigate and maximize the program, education pieces regarding hip exercises, different assessments to track your progress if you want, and a community feel with a discussion board to interact with us and other members that have joined the program.ย  The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your hips for life!

Sample Resource Video

Get Your Questions And Concerns Answered By Us!

We cannot stress enough the fact that we are here to help YOU when you join the program! You can directly communicate with us on the discussion board.ย THERE ARE NO WRONG OR BAD QUESTIONS!ย We want to provide the highest value possible toย ensure you know that youโ€™reย being taken care of. You will not go through this program alone, join now to chat with us and other members on the discussion board!

Sample interaction on our discussion board

Why Our Hip Prehab Program?

Read what others have to say about our hip prehab program!

We’ve put this program to the test with our patients in the clinic dealing with hip issues, our own hip issues, and even our friends and family. With thoughtful consideration, trial and error, and debate back and forth over meticulous exercise progressions, we feel very confident anyone with hip issues can find some benefit with our hip prehab program!

Still Undecided?

We understand this is an investment, however,ย we want to reiterate how valuable your health is. Why do you need hip prehab? Well, you only get 1 set of hips for life, it sickens us to hear people think of their body like itโ€™s a car. You canโ€™t just go to the surgeon, get hip surgery, and expect your hip to be 100%. ASK ANYONE that has had hip surgery, it is very unlikely they will tell you their hip is perfect. This can even be the case with a hip injury or chronic hip pain managed without surgery. Save yourself thousands of $ in surgery, rehab, and time away from work and things you love to do. Now is the time to invest in your hip health, trust us! We even created a free sample of the program for those that want to try it first. You will gain access to an exclusive discount on the program simply by signing up for the free sample program below.

Clickย HERE or the photo above to sign up for a free sample workout from the program.

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