The gluteus medius or glute med for short is a muscle on the lateral portion of the hip that is crucial for a variety of activities of daily living. When we try to perform higher-level activities like weight lifting and sports activities, this muscle becomes even more important! Why? The glute med is so important because it is vital to our ability to stabilize ourselves during single leg balance. While we might not realize it, we live on 1 leg a lot. Walking, for instance, is the act of repeatedly balancing on a single leg over and over again. Strengthening the glute med can also help to resolve hip pain, low back pain, and even pain at your knee or foot! This article will take a closer look at what the glute med does as well as some of the best exercises for training this muscle.

Chances are if youโ€™ve found yourself reading this blog post, then youโ€™ve been searching for insights on that frustrating pain over the front of your hip. Rest assured that youโ€™re not alone, hip pain described as sharp and/or pinching pain in the front and/or inside of the hip is nothing we haven't heard before! While there are many things that may contribute to anterior hip pain, one of the most likely culprits is something called โ€œfemoroacetabular impingement syndromeโ€ (FAIS). Itโ€™s a fairly technical name to describe a problem that relates to naturally occurring differences in the anatomy (or what we often call โ€œmorphologyโ€) of the hip. In this article, we will help you understand how to manage hip impingement with physical therapy treatment and exercises!