lunge variations

Lunge Variations

This 3-video post will be covering the ever so popular LUNGE. We will cover:

➡️ Prehab considerations for multi-directional lunges
➡️ Lunges for power development
➡️ Our favorite lunge combo
If you don’t already include some variation of a lunge into your lower body training, hopefully by the end of this article we will have convinced you to not only do so, but also gave you some creative ideas on variations that best suit your goals!


Front rack mobility

Improve Your Front Rack Mobility

We will be addressing 3 COMMONLY OVERLOOKED MOBILITY CONSTRAINTS to a successful front rack position and more importantly, 3 WAYS TO FIX THEM. Yes, thoracic extension and shoulder flexion limitations are often times the biggest culprits, but let’s not forgot to address wrist, elbow, and transverse plane shoulder mobility as well.