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In this episode, Dillon sits down with Dr. David Meyer discussing every related to rehabbing and [P]rehabbing the mind! We look to answer why a social stigma surrounds mental health and how to shift perspective and find your identity in the initial injury phases. What role does mindset play in rehab, strength and conditioning, and overall performance? Dave also discusses tips and strategies to decrease fear of the unknown and how to develop GRIT.

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Guest Bio:

After serving the St. Louis Cardinals as their Medical and Rehabilitation Coordinator, Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT wrote “Injured to Elite: A Guide to Empowering Yourself to Transform Your Life After Injury”, to empower the world with a newfound mental approach to physical rehab. As a Sports Performance-oriented Physical Therapist, he graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University. After completing an advanced sports residency training program at the world-renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, he served as the Medical and Rehabilitation Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals for three years from 2015 through the 2017 season. This was a dream of his that came to fruition after playing baseball throughout his entire life into the collegiate level. During his time working for the Cardinals, he discovered a new appreciation for the psychological implications of sports rehabilitation after seeing the profound impact it had on players and began developing a comprehensive approach to integrating mental skills and strategies into the physical rehabilitation process. While now serving as an advocate for athletes going through adversity and working towards advanced credentials with the Association of Applied Sports Psychology, as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, his mission has become to “Empower those facing physical challenges to transform their lives through an optimal state of body, mind, and spirit.” Currently, he resides in New York with his soon-to-be wife. David has now created a community of developing sports professionals and athletes that all identify with being an underdog, in order to change the future of sports performance and healthcare.

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