Episode: 36 Talking Hip Variations & Meditation With Ryan DeBell

In this episode, Arash and Dr. Ryan DeBell discuss Ryan’s online journey with Movement Fix. Ryan starts out with how he got started with his personal brand. The conversation takes a turn into meditation, throughout this podcast Ryan does a great job of expressing his thoughts through a philosophical lens. We end up with one of Ryan’s favorite topics, squatting and hip anatomical variations to consider!

Ryan DeBell is the founder of Movement Fix. Ryan has a deep passion for two things: Health/Fitness & Technology. Movement Fix is a blend of these two areas. In 2009 Ryan graduated from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, focusing on Information Technology. Ryan then attended the University of Western States, earning a Master’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Science and a Doctorate in chiropractic. Ryan does not identify as a chiropractor because he believes labels pigeon hole us into thinking in a limited way. Ryan is open minded to all things that can make us healthy and he considers himself a human who has studied many disciplines.



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Learn more about squatting and anatomical variations here:

Here is the tool we discussed in the podcast: https://shop.thettool.com

Learn more about the Squat Fundamentals [P]Rehab Program HERE. Learn more about the Master The Back Squat [P]Rehab Program HERE.

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