Episode: 47 Taking & Analyzing Risks With The Climbing Doctor

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In this episode, Craig is joined by Dr. Jared Vagy AKA The ClimbingĀ Doctor. Jared is an expert when it comes to all things rock-climbingĀ and physical therapy. Jared is also a very well rounded and anĀ established clinician and educator. He has worked with variousĀ athletes and Olympians at the highest level and he is part of theĀ clinical faculty at the University of Southern Californiaā€™s DPTĀ program. Topics from this discussion include Jared’s story, how heĀ became the climbing doctor and how it involved taking more risks thanĀ just rock climbing, breaking down the physical and mental demands ofĀ the sport, what it is like working with rock climbers from all abilityĀ levels in-person as well as remotely, and what you should know in order to help rock climbers!

Jared Vagy is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in treatingĀ climbing injuries. In addition to his doctoral degree, he hasĀ completed a one-year residency in orthopedics and a one-yearĀ fellowship in movement science, totaling nine years of concentratedĀ study. He is the author of the Amazon #1 best-seller ā€œClimbĀ Injury-Free,ā€ and has published numerous articles on injury prevention andĀ lectures on the topic internationally. Dr. Vagy is on the teachingĀ faculty at the University of Southern California, one of the topĀ doctor of physical therapy programs in the United States. He is aĀ board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and a certifiedĀ strength and conditioning specialist. He is passionate about climbingĀ and enjoys working with climbers of all ability levels, ranging fromĀ novice climbers to the top professional climbers in the world. Dr.Ā Vagy has over 17 years of climbing experience and has climbed all overĀ the world. He is an accomplished rock climber, ice climber, andĀ alpinist, and continues to explore the wonders of adventure that theseĀ pursuits afford.

-The Prehab Guys
Guests: Dr. Jared Vagy PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Email:Ā Jared@theclimbingdoctor.com

Instagram: @theclimbingdoctor

Website:Ā https://theclimbingdoctor.com/

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Dynamic Climbing Warm-up – “The first 6 in the video are the ones I
use for an on ground assessment” – Jared

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