Episode: 81 Strategies To Get Out Of Debt And Pay Off Loans

In this episode, Dillon, Mike, and special guest Josh Madonick talk strategies to get out of debt! Students coming out of college are hit with big loan repayments and are often left unsure what to do? Is the best strategy to aggressively pay? Is it to pay the minimum? Which loan should you pay off first? All of this and more answered in this episode!!!

Josh Madonick graduated from Fresno State University with his DPT in 2017. He and his wife (also a DPT class of 2017) graduated with a combined $112,000 in student loan debt.


After putting off their loan repayment for the first few months of their professional careers, Josh decided to get serious about getting out of debt. After doing some serious research, Josh drafted up a repayment strategy, and less than 2 years later, they were completely debt free! They even did so while working in the typical outpatient physical therapy clinic (making new-grad salaries).

Since then, Josh created The $PT, a group focused on teaching new grad DPTโ€™s how to pay off their loans ASAP. He provides consulting services to help PTโ€™s get the best re-financing structures, improve their financial security, and plan for early retirement. When he isnโ€™t working there, he is operating his cash-based practice, BaseCamp Physical Therapy and Performance, where he helps runners and athletes stay at peak shape.





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