Episode: 31 Olympic Weightlifting and Online Programming With Cal Strength’s Dave Spitz

In this episode, Mike chats with world renown Olympic Weightlifting Coach Dave Spitz – founder and CEO of California Strength – a premier athletic performance facility located in San Ramon, California. They chat about how technology has allowed them to remotely train thousands of athletes from around the world and build a tribe amongst the weightlifting community. Dave has an in-house physical therapist at California Strength and they chat about how they have integrated rehab and prehab to keep their athletes performing at a high level at the time. Dave also shares some insights on weightlifting, programming for elite level athletes, and how he’s raising his kids to have a solid all-around athletic base. This was a great one for anyone interested in weightlifting, performance physical therapy, and raising kids (haha!).

Dave is one of the few USA Weightlifting Senior International Coaches in the country as well as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. His athletic facility, California Strength, has dominated the United States Olympic weightlifting landscape, producing numerous National Team Titles, American Records and earning medal recognition on the international stage. In addition to Olympic weightlifting, California Strength specializes in athletic performance and has worked with and developed athletes of all sports, age levels and experience from youth to the professional ranks.



Guest: Dave Spitz of California Strength

Instagram: @cal_strength

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