Talking Rehab with a Prehab Guy (ft. Arash Maghsoodi)

In this episode I decided to go LIVE on Instagram for the first time (so please excuse the multiple technical difficulties) as I sit down with Arash Maghsoodi, co-founder of The Prehab Guys. Arash received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California where he met Craig Lindell and Mike Lau. Thus, The Prehab Guys was born. We talked about what exactly sparked the idea for their IG page where they share tons of exercises and tips for audiences ranging from the average gym-goer to students and practicing physical therapists. We get into topics including blood flow restriction training, the importance of reflection, the identity crisis and where he sees the profession going in 10 years. It was an absolute pleasure having Arash on and as always, I am super grateful for him taking the time out of his busy day to sit and talk with me. If you’re a student, and you don’t already follow him, be sure to check out The Prehab Guys by hitting this link and please be sure to SUBSCRIBE and give a RATING! I really appreciate the support. As always you can follow me on Instagram @thehaloeffectpodcast or email me suggestions at

Listen Below!

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