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At Team [P]Rehab we have spent the past 10 years merging exercise science with physical therapy allowing us to create the ultimate full body fitness program which will not only build your physical body safely and effectively, but will also change the way you workout & approach exercise forever.

If you have followed trends in fitness at any point in the past 50 years, you’re probably confused or feel completely lost. 

There are way too many programs being built off opinion and loud voices giving out misinformed and misleading information.

However, we understand you are here because you know the importance of taking ownership and willing to reach your goals in the correct and long-term-sustainable way.

This solution isn’t about 30 minute ab workouts, losing “50 lbs in just 4 weeks!”, or one exercise that solves every single problem known to mankind. It’s about results that are attainable and sustainable.

If you have decided to NOT take any shortcuts, making sure there is purpose behind every exercise, every rep, every educational video, and every assessment – then keep reading.

Your answer to decrease confusion and set a new training standard for longevity and performance might be below.

What's the fitness longevity & success recipe?

1 cup of leaders (you) taking self-ownership

16 tablespoons of the right information providing solutions

8 ounces of simple, targeted, purposeful programming

2 cups of foundations, then endurance, then hypertrophy, then power (the movement pyramid)

4 ounces of targeted assessments making sure you are ready for each phase

16 ounces of access to hundreds of videos, articles, podcasts to learn from, along with the best community in the industry

1 cup of discipline; which is easy when you are feeling the results instead of pain!


We’re about to show the world that a “magic pill”, aka consistent targeted exercise and wellness practices does exist and yields the biggest value on earth; healthier body & mind, and quality time.

Are you reading this because you want that? You want to become the example to your friends, your family, your community, but most importantly yourself? You want to show yourself that you are capable and that you can take control of your outcome, you’re just unsure of how to do so?

See what our clients have to say!

How can anyone expect you to know exactly what to do?


What happens when opinion outweighs principles?

What happens when entertainment takes the forefront of fitness?

What happens when people guess you can do a movement and never assess if you're ready to actually do it?


Let’s keep the question ball rolling..

What happens when you become injured?

The enemy stagnation and doubt slowly creep up and take over. Once stagnation occurs disease is soon to follow.

We know that is NOT the path for you because you’re ready to make some changes and we are with you. It’s now time for us to step up and be the trusted source you need to move towards safe and effective models of health and wellness, while still hitting new PRs consistently!

[P]Rehab has grown to become the community based gold standard for empowering you with the right information at the right time needed to take full control of your outcome!

With a 1M+ following, we have published hundreds of articles, recorded 100+ podcasts, held countless events, and released over 35 programs to help individuals become the person they want to be.

And out of all the work we have done and information we have provided, this program is our best work yet and culmination of our best principles – applied to fitness.

As athletes, strength and conditioning specialists, and ultimately - doctors, we have meticulously programmed:

Intelligent movement sequence progressions through an easy-to-follow 4-phase, 16-week training program

Optimized load management ensuring appropriate force transfer throughout the entire movement system

Enough useful and interesting variability to make sure the Dopaminergic reward system keeps you enjoying and engaged in movement for the long term!

The goal is simple; provide an all encompassing fitness program that will maximize your fitness to once unthinkable levels while feeling energized and injury-free.

To accomplish this goal; we need tools and we are not holding back! You will unlock our ENTIRE health, wellness, and fitness tool-kit and gain access to all of our resources!

Are you ready to change the way you train?

Are you ready to reach new levels of movement potential, unlock the true power and limitless capacity of your own body and mind – in safe yet extremely effective ways?

Do you want to be guided to building the strongest movement system while being directed away from risky movements that don’t offer higher benefits?

Are you ready to feel excited and engaged with your training as you will be able to be disciplined and consistent due to the results? Want to gain a bigger knowledge base on fitness than ever imagined?

Ultimately, would you like to be feeling optimistic and energized from training; the way it should be vs beaten up, injured, or broken down?

THE [P]Rehab Fitness PROGRAM

Join us and start the world’s first PRE-hab Fitness program, aimed at preventing injury, stress & fatigue while producing the

ultimate results in the gym or at home!

[P]UT the Longevity Of Your Health & Wellness At The Forefront

[P]REVENT future injuries with intelligent training

[P]USH yourself to new limits, safely unlocking new movement potential & PR’s

[P]RIORITIZE Science-driven approach to training


$ 199
  • 16-weeks of progressive workouts taking care of major lifts along with high injury prone muscle groups
  • 16-weeks of the best active recovery strategies
  • Phase by Phase Assessments to make sure your body is prepared for the next phase
  • Building Brains Directory a packaged educational masterpiece giving you access to all of our fitness related sources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise videos with descriptions teaching you the right way to move
  • Discussion Board to answer any questions you have about your training
  • Our Standard program focused on movements performed in the GYM or with access to some classic gym equipment at home.


$ 199
  • 16-weeks of progressive workouts taking care of major lifts along with high injury prone muscle groups
  • 16-weeks of the best active recovery strategies
  • Phase by Phase Assessments to make sure your body is prepared for the next phase
  • Building Brains Directory a packaged educational masterpiece giving you access to all of our fitness related sources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise videos with descriptions teaching you the right way to move
  • Discussion Board to answer any questions you have about your training
  • Similar but separate program with same goals & progressions, but focused on training in a HOME environment with zero to minimal equipment.


Takeaways from Phase 2 Assessments - Gym Edition

Side plank Endurance Test




Sign up to access the program and videos

Commit to the 16-week Home or Gym Fitness plan

Start improving your fitness performance & health today!

The 9 EFFECTIVE elements



Focus on fundamentals & use a holistic approach accounting for the human inside of the body.



Education from credentialed sources empowers you, teaches the why & is the driver away from training related injury!


Sufficient dosage

We need to balance the dosage of fitness (external load) with your wellness (internal load)!


Theory Driven

Rooted intelligently in movement principles & science. Opinion-based programs are the catalyst to joining the injury circle.



Community is the guiding hand to lift you over obstacles and barriers.



Time is valuable. It is not realistic for you to spend 2 hours a day working on your health and wellness, you have to be efficient.


Socioculturally relevant

The only constant is change! Your program has to be adaptable to what is happening in your environment.



Assess, don't guess! We have to use relevant assessments that are backed by scientific evidence!


well-trained staff

Program comes highly educated individuals who have worked with people from all different backgrounds & varying degrees of entry fitness levels.


You don't value your body & health and aren't interested in staying in shape for a lifetime.

You do not want to truly master fitness and your body

You don’t want to have a professionally structured 16-week plan to unlock new movement potential

You want to keep working out aimlessly in the gym, risking injury

You enjoy spending time and money in the clinic or at rehab

Your hoping for quick results and don't believe the best results come with work put in.

And most importantly, if you aren't interested in picking up the first program you'll actually enthusiastically finish from start to end, craving for more afterwards.

However, if any of these bulllets don't sound like you, what are you waiting for?


Join today and get access to:

Exclusive Discounts
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on recommended equipment
to optimize your success

Private networking
& Discussion Forum

Interact with community
members and get app support


We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your [P]Rehab Program experience!


The home edition is created on the same principles with the same progressions as the gym edition. The main difference being for the home edition all you will need is [P]Rehab Bands, mini-bands, foam roller, towel, and a slider to complete whereas the gym edition relies heavily on dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc.

The program is designed for anyone who is currently not in pain and is looking to FULLY take control of their health and wellness outcome! The program is designed to be beneficial for those new to fitness or those that have years of experience training. The program offers alternatives throughout to make sure you are being appropriately challenged. If you are having pain in a particular area we would recommend checking out our Rehab programs!

Fitness Gym
This is a full body holistic (strength, power, flexibility, and cardio) program specific to working out with access to resistance bands and gym equipment.

Fitness Home
This is a full body holistic (strength, power, flexibility, and cardio) program specific to working out at home with minimal equipment.

This program will take out the guesswork and confusion associated with both fitness and wellness. The program puts getting rid of uncertainty at the forefront by providing you with an abundance of educational sources and utilizing assessments to make sure you are ready for the next phase! The program was designed by athletes and doctors you can trust with the goal of keeping you happy and healthy for the long term while keeping you out of rehab!

Yes it is! We’d just recommend not skipping phase 1 as this will help jumpstart your training experience.

This program includes detailed exercise videos with verbal and written instructions for 100+ variations of different exercises. Each exercise gives you details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. The key to maximizing your results is to optimize exercise dosing. This program will take you through what we believe is a perfect full-body workout progression that focuses on mobility, muscle activation, stability, and strengthening of your entire body. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your body for life!

This program also offers resources regarding how to navigate and maximize the program, training support videos if and when you need them, education about the body and mind, 16 weeks of different assessments to track your progress, and a community discussion board to interact with other group members and get app support when you need it. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your body for life!

This program is 16 weeks from beginning to end. It is broken down into 4 different phases, each being 4-weeks long with different goals building upon one another. We recommend the program to be performed 4 days a week, however, you can adjust the frequency based on your needs.

A general rule of thumb, our anatomy and [P]Rehab programs are great to do prior to your routine, especially our mobility programs. On the contrary, you can perform these programs on separate days if the workout is too long for you, which may be the case if you’re nearing the end of our programs in the later phases! This is especially true for our [P]Rehab to performance programs, which are suited best to be performed by themselves or on separate days than your normal routine!

Each program will come with a specific equipment list to let you know what you will need to be successful with the program. For the gym edition you will need access to dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, pull-up bars, boxes, bands, foam rollers, etc. If you do not have access to this equipment of a gym then we would recommend the Home Edition which relies only on [P]Rehab bands, mini bands, a towel, and a slider.

With our [P]Rehab Programs you get access to what we consider the best online programming you can find! You’re gaining access to the same exercises and education that we as physical therapists use in the clinic. We want to change the narrative, rather than constantly helping people with a reactive approach that ends up being focused on management or dealing with a bad 1st decision, what if we could provide people the right exercises and education at the right time to improve long term outcomes? What if we could make that 1st decision the best decision? That is true [P]Rehab. The real power of [P]Rehab is education and we plan to empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your own health! With our programs, while we give you the blueprint, are all about educating YOU on how to become your own best physical therapist.
You can purchase with one easy payment today. All sales are final.
FSAs and HSAs are used to pay for common out of pocket healthcare expenses. As a general rule of thumb, qualifying healthcare expenses include the cost of treatment or prevention of disease. If you think you have a medical condition that would benefit from an exercise program like our [P]Rehab programs, we suggest you talk with your doctor and have him/her provide you with a Letter of Medical Necessity. We have had many people use their FSAs and HSAs in the past for [P]Rehab programs! Please check with your FSA/HSA for more information.
Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can used on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, iPad – you name it!

In order to make sure you can access ALL of the products you have purchased under the same username – please make sure to use the same email address that you are currently registered under at checkout. Once purchased, your new program will be visible in the app!

Now! The current dilemma is when people have issues with their body – they’re not able to get the correct help when they need it most, timing is everything! This app is readily available to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.

You could! It just depends on the program you have in mind, let us know what you’re thinking by connecting with us via

No Refunds. Store Credit or Exchange Only

We no longer offer refunds for our digital product, however we do offer Store Credit or an Exchange for a different program of your choice.  As long as you are within the 30 days, you will qualify for store credit or an exchange

With Store Credit, you are able to use it when you are ready to make your next purchase and it does not expire.

Your store credit can be used on anything [P]Rehab related such as: our [P]Rehab shirts, [P]Rehab bands or another [P]Rehab program.

If the new program you would like to purchase is less than what you paid, we will give you a credit of the remaining balance that can be used at a later time for your next purchase.