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The Clean: Faults, Misnomers, Cues, and Corrective Exercises

This “Clean Series” will delve into this Olympic lift through the eyes of a lifter en route to becoming a scholar. We will be discussing a broad spectrum of faults and misnomers, along with tried-and-true cues and corrective exercises that can be used for yourself, or your athletes. The clean is an excellent tool for any trainer or rehab specialist alike to build explosiveness, dynamic power, jumping and landing mechanics, and fast-twitch muscle activation in athletes/patients. If you are looking to add some tools to the tool belt this clean article is for you!


bench press bible

Bench Press Bible Part 1

The bench press is perhaps the most recognized and famous upper body exercise. It has been suggested the bench press has its roots dating back to ancient greek times. For over hundreds of years there have been countless discussion inside and out of gyms regarding training tips, myths, and actual scientific facts. With so much information coming in and out of the gym from “experts”, its hard to filter out the good versus the bad. In the first fragment of the Bench Press Bible, we’ll break down scientifically proven ways to maximize your bench press gains, break PRs, and smash bench press plateaus.


How deep should you squat

Posterior Pelvic Tilt and Squat Depth

Everyone has a slightly different bony anatomy. Whether it’s a longer femur, bent shin (tibial torsion), or a rotated hip socket (acetabular retroversion), your anatomy, in addition to your functional goals, should ultimately drive squat depth. So how deep or low should you squat? From an injury prevention and biomechanical perspective, there is only one thing that should matter – posterior pelvic tilt.


Debunking the “Bad Exercise” Myth

There is a huge misconception in the fitness and rehab worlds. Far too often, we label exercises as a good exercise or bad exercise for all athletes. Many preach that squats are a must in every athlete’s fitness program and exercises such as behind the neck press’ should never be performed…when in fact, many of these movements can be great for athletic performance. These beliefs are from years of dogma surrounding certain movements. But in reality, any exercise can be a bad exercise if an athlete lacks the requite mobility & motor control.

This article was originally published on The Barbell Physio.


pistol squat

How to do your First Pistol Squat

It seems as if the fitness industry not too long ago was engulfed in the newest and latest machine. However, the recent pendulum of this industry has been going back to the minimalist end of the spectrum giving attention to calisthenic exercises. This has lead to the popularity with exercises such as the Pistol squat AKA the single leg squat. This exercise however is a complex movement that is overall encompassing of strength, motor control, and range of motion (ESPECIALLY at the ankle). This series will break down WHY you are not able to pistol squat as well as HOW TO have the proper balance of strength, motor control, and mobility to perform this complex movement! Without the proper recipe, you may find yourself falling right on your butt time after time. […]

lunge variations

Lunge Variations

This 3-video post will be covering the ever so popular LUNGE. We will cover:

➡️ Prehab considerations for multi-directional lunges
➡️ Lunges for power development
➡️ Our favorite lunge combo
If you don’t already include some variation of a lunge into your lower body training, hopefully by the end of this article we will have convinced you to not only do so, but also gave you some creative ideas on variations that best suit your goals!


romanian deadlift RDL variations

Romanian Deadlift Variations

In the words of the glute guy @bretcontreras1 himself “deadlifting oozes strength and functionality. There’s something to bending over, grabbing a hold of heavy weight, and standing up with it that makes you feel like a primal powerhouse.” Deadlift variations are simply loaded hip hinge patterns, which is an essential movement pattern to master not only in the gym, but also in day to day function.
In particular The Romanian Deadlift, or RDL, is one of our favorite variations and we’ll be charing our top 5 favorite RDL variations for [P]Rehab and strength and conditioning goals alike.


landmine variations

Top 5 Best Exercise Utilizing the Landmine

The landmine has got to be one of the most underutilized, but highly effective pieces of equipment for adding a challenge and variation into your core movements (push, pull, hip hinge, etc). Even if you don’t have a landmine available, you can use a corner of your gym (please use towels so you don’t scuff up the walls). Here is a list of our top five favorite landmine uses.


accelerate muscle activation

Muscle Activation Prior to Training

The team at Accelerate Sports Performance and Training Slate will be discussing the importance of specific muscle activation prior to strength training. More activation = better recruitment = GAINS. Activation techniques can be used in combination with strength exercises in a unilateral or bilateral fashion. In the following posts, they hope to spark some mental juices on how to approach activation exercises for your various lifts, while taking into account some very commonly seen issues in strength training as it relates to arthrokinematic and osteokinematic movement, or natural movement in general.

This is a guest Post by Accelerate Sports Performance and Training Slate