Did You

Hurt Your Back

…and think there is nothing YOU can do to change it?

Well, GOOD NEWS – YES there IS! In fact, you are capable of far more than you think.

  • Do you need quality healthcare, but don’t have the time, money, or access?
  • Have doctors told you that expensive surgery is the only way to address your problem?
  • Have you been told that you just have to learn to accept a life with chronic back pain?
  • Did you just injure your back, but don’t know what to do next?
  • Are you worried that time has passed to make any real physical progress, and feel like pain medication is your last option to improve your quality of life?

The Back Pain Recovery Program

Is Everything you need

….and a lot more!

  • 77 Different Movements and Exercises

    Will address even the most intense low back pain and a fear of movement to turn you into a strong and confident individual ready to tackle life.

  • 39 Mindfulness and Pain Resilience Modules

    Will help you deal with your pain on a daily basis while working through your physical rehab program.

  • 17 Nutritional Modules

    Put your body in the best possible environment to heal from the inside out.

  • 26 Comprehensive Educational Videos

    Will teach you everything from how and why pain exists in the brain and why it’s not always related to tissue damage, to effective coping strategies that will minimize and prevent symptoms.

  • Accessible Anywhere & Anytime

    Accessible Anywhere & Anytime in the world on your phone or desktop.

check out these sample videos

Bird Dog performing squares

Pain and Sensitivity External Factors That Influence The Pain Response

Deep Breathing Meditation

Intro to PreHab nutrition


Peerwell Self-Help Physical Therapy at your Fingertips
Taking action about your health has never been easier.

Download Peerwell to your favorite smart device and use the link emailed/texted to you after purchasing

Get your individualized rehab protocol on your phone or tablet.

Perform your prescribed daily exercises and educational lessons.

Follow the video instructions and start tracking your progress.

There you go – it’s as simple as that!


We know what you are going through,

because we have been there.

Not only have we personally experienced the pain, injury, and endless insurance loop-holes you’re going through, but so have thousands of the physical therapy patients we’ve seen in our clinic over the years. Just like you, many of them are in constant pain, frustrated, discouraged, tired, and simply don’t know what to do to improve their situation.

With our unique combined experience as Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)

We have helped people from all backgrounds overcome their injuries and come back stronger than ever. Based on our extensive professional experience, we can tell you one thing with absolute certainty:

No matter how long you have suffered with back pain, it is NEVER too late to start feeling better.

That said, there is no reason for you to keep going like this any longer. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can start living your life the way it was meant–without limitations.

We know that when it comes to dealing with pain, early treatment is key.

All too often, we have patients walk into our practices broken down by pain and misconstrued beliefs worsened by the fact that they received treatment too late.

You should not have to stand helpless.

While mind-boggling medical politics eat away at your precious time, or worry about excessive medical bills that only add to your problems and suffering.

We want to give you back

control of YOUR life,

by giving you access to INSTANT medical knowledge TODAY.

Imagine that you could be your own best physical therapist – with our professional guidance.

Just imagine for a minute, that you knew the actual reason why you were experiencing pain, and then picture that you knew exactly what to do about it.


We figured out a way to provide all the tools you actually need, so you could have access to an affordable, simple solution right at your fingertips.

Together with some of the world’s leading expert Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Dieticians, and Psychologists, we have fused together the ultimate all-in-one solution to provide you with something completely unique.

If you don’t have…

  • Access to quality healthcare
  • Health insurance to cover regular rehab visits
  • An unlimited supply of time
  • A current exercise program to follow
  • Confidence to move your back freely
…Then Back Pain Recovery Program is the ideal answer to your problem.


The Back Pain Recovery Program Will

SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW to avoid future physical health problems with an individually tailored protocol you can follow from anywhere in the world

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET so you can learn to rewire your brain and actually change the way you perceive physical pain

PROVIDE NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE that shows you what foods to eat and avoid in order to reduce the inflammation that contributes to pain

TEACH YOU HOW TO HEAL yourself with simple step-by-step exercise and education videos from your individualized plan

FINALLY GIVE YOU FREEDOM to start enjoying a pain-free life without constant aches and worries

GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TOOLS and professional knowledge so you can be proactive about your health

SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME by avoiding excessive and recurrent medical bills and unnecessary costs to pay for delayed treatment or surgeries you may not need

SPARE YOU STRESS AND FRUSTRATION by skipping the slow and outdated health care system and bypassing frustrating insurance policies.


…toward a limitless future!
Hey, we know what you are probably thinking:
“Can a simple app really deliver quality care?”

The answer is straight up YES.
in fact, it gives you way MORE..

Back Pain Recovery Program provides a ton of benefits that would require hours upon hours of consultations with multiple health care professionals:

  • Far more education and statistical information at your fingertips There is only so much you can cover in a 30 minutes(or less) session with your doctor. PeerWell has all the time in the world to teach you all about the latest treatment methods and research!
  • Zero Insurance Hassles Back Pain Recovery Program doesn’t make you go through the tedious process of finding a physician, getting a referral, and waiting on your slow insurance company to approve your rehab visits.
  • Low Cost, High Value No deductibles, co-pays, co-insurances, or surprise medical bills. A one-time fee will get you a rehab program for life.
  • $10,000 Worth of Physical Therapy, pain resilience training, nutrition counseling and more all in one place
  • Convenience at your fingertips Back Pain Recovery Program is at your service anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you. No driving to appointments, taking off from work, waiting, or having to hit the pause button on life.


Back Pain Recovery Program
At Your Fingertips

Get the best possible evidence-based low back therapy available at your fingertips.


  • The Prehab Guys Back Pain Recovery protocol tailored just for you
  • 77 step-by-step exercises and movement videos
  • 39 session class to build your mental pain resiliency superpower
  • Nutrition plan to reduce inflammation that contributes to pain
  • Enjoy a pain-free life without fear and frustration
  • $10,000 worth of clinical time without a giant medical bill
  • Recover from anywhere in the world

*For non-USA residents, use the phone number:
323-555-XXXX (use any 4 digits) at checkout!

Nothing Like Your
Average Rehab App

Using the latest scientific evidence and experiences from treating literally thousands of patients with back pain, our world class team of medical pioneers have worked day and night to create something completely innovative in the field of physical therapy: a holistically designed self-help system that will address every proven factor of persistent pain; including your movement, mind, and nutrition. Forget the slow medical system and dubious insurance companies, and forget short-term treatments that don’t really work.

In fact, forget everything you thought you knew about back pain.

  • If you can commit just 15 minutes a day for 10 weeks, Back Pain Recovery Program will transform the way you feel AND think about pain. Not only will you learn how to move, exercise, stretch, and eat; you will learn to rewire your brain and change your thought patterns to shift the way you process and experience pain.
  • Best of all? You can use the program for as long as you like, whenever and wherever you want. Back Pain Recovery Program is designed around YOUR convenience and needs-not the policy of your insurance company or overworked medical providers!!

Your Health is Priceless –
The Time to Act
is Now

Are you willing to bet your health on waiting yet another day, or are you done gambling and ready to take
control right now?


Back Pain Recovery Program Changes Lives

But don’t take our word for it…
hear it from our clients!

Monse C

"Due to my low back pain, I was forced to be out of a CrossFit competition. The best decision I took was to try the Low Back program, not only did it help me to move freely without feeling pain but also get back to what I love & that's CrossFit! I still corporate some of the program movement as my warmup routine before any workouts. I highly recommend this program if you're suffering from any back pain."

Cody Finney

"The bulging disc between my L5 - S1 was causing chronic pain sending referral sensations to my toes. After massage and PT for several weeks, I was free-ish from pain, but still was highly limited and my mood fluctuated frequently because all I could think about was the back pain. My Physical Therapist sent me to an ortho doc for a surgery consultation because they felt I wasn't improving. My options were to have the bone shaved off one of my vertebrae, I wasn't about to have back surgery- I decided to walking, stretching, yoga and searched the web instead. I have had many injuries so I have an understanding of how to recover and work through the pain, but this one was bad. I stumbled on your IG (Prehabguys) somehow during the peak of my back pain. You guys had some good stuff that helped me. Your Peerwell has almost made me new and I'm just getting into the good stuff. You guys have put together something that is not only exactly what people with back pain NEED to recover, but it is easy to use. $100 for an app that shows you exactly how to recover from back pain, explains it in terms we can understand, tracks my progress, provides short simple videos showing guiding training, and a meditation series that helps you find peace when in some of the most excruciating pain someone will ever feel. My medical costs have stacked up from PT, cortisone shots, docs appointments, healthcare bills, etc. but if I had known about this app, I would have saved a lot of money! Please consider buying this if you are in back pain. I know it will help you move forward through recovery. It is helping me and has changed the way I look at pain. There are a lot of people who cannot afford health insurance and an affordable app will turn them in the right path. "

Brandon Hahn

"Iโ€™ve been dealing with back pain for over 3 years. Iโ€™ve tried different therapies and the chiropractor with no consistent relief. My lower body training has been mostly nonexistent. The Back Pain app seemed too good to be true but at 30 days in, Iโ€™m feeling major signs of consistent relief. Thank you! "

Kelsey Brown

""This program was a huge help in relieving my chronic back pain symptoms. The program was so comprehensive, with the exercises, pain science, nutrition, and mindfulness habits. It really felt like it addressed all the underlying issues related to my pain. The pain science information was so empowering and has helped with a variety of other pain issues I deal with occasionally. I can't recommend the program highly enough!""

Adam Leach

""I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and referred to physical therapy. My insurance took weeks to authorize it, and then only authorized a few sessions at a time. I was really frustrated with the insurance company, but with PeerWell's program I was able to continue my recovery without all the hassle and waiting. The daily reminders to do my exercises were great too. As a small business owner and parent of two, I donโ€™t have a lot of time. But, with the app, I was able to do my workouts in the evenings after the kids went to sleep.""

Richard Cesar

""Can I just say...app was great! Really helped guide me through exercises to ease my lower back pain, all within the comfort of my own home. My pain went away after a couple of weeks and I've incorporated many of the nutritional information and exercises into my daily life!""

Roham Naderi

""I'm an engineer and so that means I'm sitting in the office a lot. Ever since I began work my workout routine and body took a hit. My mobility went from bad to worst, and my back was always painful. I even got a tempurpedic bed in hopes of alleviating the pain, but that wasn't helping. Since I started the back pain program from Peerwell, I have really started to see a difference in not only my back pain, but my overall physical health. My back pain is virtually gone, I'm getting the best sleep of my life, and my training has picked back; I'm even going heavier than before with my power lifts! I just have to say this program is amazing, and I can't thank the creators enough for this. My life has been renewed!""

You don’t have to trust us,

but you should trust science.

Our extensive medical experience has proven that a properly followed home protocol not only works, it is crucial to recovery. Professional anecdotes aside, scientific research demonstrates time after time that active treatment is always better than passive treatment.

Countless studies have shown that passive treatments-such as rest, ice, heat, medication, and electrical stimulation-are far less effective than active treatments in achieving the same results.

In other words: an ACTIVE approach always beats a PASSIVE approach.

What does this mean for you? It means that YOU have the power to affect both your healing and future health, by engaging in an active habits like physical exercise, mindfulness, healthy eating, and following a daily movement protocol.

If you don’t know where to start, no worries. Just think of Back Pain Recovery Program as the Ultimate Back Pain Doctor-a personal guide to show you exactly what to do and when! No more guesswork, just a simple manual for a better life.

Your Tomorrow Starts Today Reclaim Your Future Now with PEERWELL
PS! Before you go, take a moment to consider what it would be like to live without physical limitations.

You only have one life, and you deserve to enjoy it as the best version of yourself in a healthy and pain free body. It is so easy to put things off for tomorrow, but we both know there will never be a better time than now to make a change.

Don’t wait for a better future start moving toward it.


The Proactive Move For

A Limitless Life


Frequently Asked Questions


This program should be appropriate for anyone with low back pain. However, if you can answer “YES” to any of the following questions, we suggest consulting with your physician prior to using our program.

  • Have you experienced any unexplained and significant weight loss?
  • Do you have any new bowel/bladder changes or issues? Things like difficulty with peeing/pooping? Or having to urinate often and unexpectedly?
  • Are you experiencing any fever like symptoms, low energy, excessive sweating, swelling, or have recent infection?
  • Have you experienced a major recent trauma like a car accident, big fall, or a direct blow to the head/back that started around the same time as your back pain?
  • Are you experiencing pulsating pain in your stomach or chest area?
  • Do you have constant pain that never seems to go away? That’s not affected by changing position? That is worse at night?


This program includes instructions from Doctors of Physical Therapy on 77 different exercises and movements that will address even the most intense low back pain and a fear of movement to turn you into a strong and confident individual ready to tackle life. But not only do you get tons of exercises and stretches, but also 26 comprehensive educational videos that will teach you everything from how and why pain exists in the brain and why it’s not always related to tissue damage, to effective coping strategies that will minimize and prevent symptoms. These are the same conversations we would have with you if you were to see us in the clinic. But it doesn’t stop at just exercises and education, we also teamed up with some of world’s best pain scientists and psychologists to guide you through 39 Mindfulness and Pain Resilience Modules to help you deal with your pain on a daily basis while working through your physical rehab program. This is one of the most important (but sadly overlooked) aspect of low back pain rehab. Last but not least, we teach you how to put your body in the best possible environment to heal from the inside out with 17 nutritional modules


YES! This program is perfect for anyone with back pain, but especially people who just hurt their back! The first two weeks of the program include extremely gentle stretches and exercise to teach your body and brain that it’s safe to move. Furthermore, we provide tips and tricks on how to accomplish those everyday tasks that are now difficult like getting in/out of bed, sitting, etc. We then slowly progress you to more advanced and complex movements and exercises as you make your journey from constant back pain to a pain free life!


Your program is designed to be performed everyday, for a total of 70 days (10 weeks). If you miss a day, don’t worry! We will never skip any of your exercises or educational pieces and we will update your program by simply extended your program length by the amount of time you miss. We have prioritized the most effective components to treating low back pain, all we require is 15 minutes of your time daily. If you commit, this program will transform the way you feel and think about pain!


YES! Research demonstrates that the most effective treatments for chronic low back pain are education and pain resiliency training – two of the biggest emphasis points of our program. Our team of pain scientists and psychologists will guide you through daily mindfulness sessions and show you research-backed techniques to develop a stronger resistance to pain.


While other low back pain programs just include rehab exercises, our program is the ultimate comprehensive approach to treating low back pain as it includes exercise, education, mindfulness, and nutritional guidance. While our program does include rehab exercises like others, we go the extra mile with step-by-step video tutorials that explain how to perform each exercise, where you should be feeling it, and why you are performing this movement. Furthermore, our program also includes empowering pain educational pieces that give YOU back the control of you pain. We know that you can’t outtrain nutrition, which is why we have many nutritional modules to help you maximize your health from inside out. Last but not least, we have implemented mindfulness training in our multimodal guide as an effective and simple strategy to help you beat low back pain.


No problem! This program was specifically designed to be very easy to replicate at home. While we do show a few exercise with a foam roller and resistance band, all the exercises can be using other massage devices (lacrosse balls or your spouse’s hands!) or performed without a resistance band.


This program is 100% safe for you. The first phase of this program is designed to teach you pain free movement strategies and help you overcome your fear of movement. Throughout this program we guide you in terms of how hard to push yourself, how much discomfort is safe to push through, and progress you step by step through our safely designed program.


Now! The current problem with traditional healthcare is we are not able to provide the care people like you need, when they need it. Timing is everything! This app delivers that care directly to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world. Once purchased, you are given your own 10 week guide to getting back to what you love to do pain free! We purposefully created this program to beat the loopholes of insurance for individuals to get treatment they deserve at the right time.


You have access to the program for life!


For non-USA residents, use the phone number:ย 323-555-XXXX (use any 4 digits) at checkout!


Please email PeerWell atย support@peerwell.coย and they will be able to assist you within 24-48 hours.