Let's face it, being told you have to have surgery after an acute or long-standing injury is a tough pill to swallow. The thought of being confined to a sling, immobilizer, or cast is a scary one. There are thousands of questions that are immediately racing through your head... How much pain am I going to have? How long does it take to get back to my 100%? When can I start walking? How long do I have to wear this ridiculous brace? Firstly, if you are going to have surgery or have recently had surgery, we are here to provide reassurance, confidence, and a positive mindset! You are not only going to persevere but also come out on the other side of this large obstacle in life a better person mentally as well as physically. In this article, we are going to teach you how to optimize your recovery after surgery!

Being stuck in a boot or cast after an injury or surgery is no excuse to not move. It is actually quite the opposite, now is the time to take extra care of the rest of your body! While it is imperative to protect the integrity of the injury/surgical site and allow for proper tissue healing, we can still maintain the strength, range of motion, and health of muscles and joints above and below the area! This article will cover some of our favorite lower extremity exercises to do while "immobilized" or "non-weight bearing" to help keep you staying strong after surgery or an injury. As always, check with your orthopedic surgeon and/or physical therapist to determine which motions and exercise are the right ones for you!