Did you know that training your body to reach your highest potential may be vastly limited if you are not also training your mind? Today’s focus on mindfulness, meditation, holistic healing, and mind-body care is proving useful in getting you to the next level and to staying on the cutting edge of true health, fitness, and wellness.  Your body is nothing, if not for your brain. There are many methods, theories, and practices available to heighten the performance of the brain in order to stimulate the body for higher-level functioning. Among these methods are the very popular meditation and mindfulness. These practices tune the brain into being very aware of your system, how you are operating, and to calm the nervous system. However, if you are more interested in taking your performance to the next level or recovering from an injury or surgery, you may consider participating in a different kind of mindfulness and meditation-type practice called Motor Imagery. In this article, you will learn all about motor imagery and rehabilitation!