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This show will arm you with the knowledge to address your ache’s and pains, optimize performance, promote longevity, and keep your movement system in tune one podcast at a time. Instilling new meaning into physical therapy.

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Episode: 17

In this episode Craig and Dr. Curtis VandenBerg discuss pediatric orthopedics and how management can be different than working with adults. This talk includes different injuries that typically don't happen in the adult world including osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), ACL surgery considerations for the adolescent, rehab considerations, and motion testing with return to sport testing.

Episode: 16

Mike and Dr. Jonathan Frank talk all about ski and snowboarding injuries, prehab, and what its like to serve as part of the US Ski and Snowboarding Staff. Dr. Frank is huge fan of prehab, which he defines as "preparing for the activity or sport you want to get into to". You must prepare for the rigors of the sport or activity that you want to play! Dr. Frank shared some unique inputs on his experience as part of the medical staff for the US Ski and Snowboarding Teams and what makes an accelerated ACL protocol different than a normal ACL rehab protocol. Snow sport fans, you guys will enjoy this one!

Episode: 14

Mike and Nick talk about blood flow restriction and the creative uses of it for the healthy population. While it's well documented within the literature and best practice to use BFR for individual that cannot tolerate high loads in the rehab setting, the use of BFR for healthy individuals is not yet as popular. We discuss the application of BFR to the average gym junkie all the way to the performance athlete.

Episode: 13

In this episode, Craig and Ryan discuss everything you need to get motivated for an obstacle course race. Ryan plans to compete in 40+ races in 2019 alone. Ryan is also a certified Spartan Coach and helps people on a daily basis to get mentally and physically prepared to race as well. We discuss some of the factors that go into training for these type of races. Ryan also shares stories of how he and others are able to overcome personal obstacles to achieve their goal of racing.

Episode: 12

In this episode Arash interviews Ben Greenfield. Ben discusses topics including what recovery is from more than just from a musculoskeletal standpoint, he also looks at recovery from a neurological viewpoint. We then dive into how you can change your recovery based on environmental factors. The main factors we touched on include nutrition supplementation through amino acids and how you can sleep better.

Episode: 11

In this episode Arash and Dr. Makhni discuss Shoulder Instability. Dr. Makhni breaks down the common MOI for shoulder dislocations and subluxations, initial phases of rehab, who needs surgery, when he recommends using a brace and much more!

Episode: 10

We interviewed two of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the country,โ€ฏ Dr. Nikhil Vermaโ€ฏ andโ€ฏ Dr. Jorge Chahla โ€ฏof โ€ฏMidwest Orthopedics at Rush โ€ฏto discuss biologics. Biologics like PRP, stem cells, corticosteroid injections, and hyaluronic acid are all the rage in medicine right now โ€“ and for good reason. Instead of having to reconstruct or repair damaged or torn tissues in the body through surgery, what if we could help relieve pain and improve function with a minimal invasion biologic injection? That is the promise of biologic injections. While significantly more research needs to be done to better understand how to best deliver biologics and what patients they may benefit the most, the future is very promising. As physical therapists, we will always be advocates of more conservative measures like physical therapy or biologic injections prior to more invasive options like surgery when warranted to potentially give our patients the upper hand in their rehab.ย 

Episode: 9

This episode is different than the other Q&A style podcast we have been conducting. We often times get asked about our journey. In this episode we wanted to talk about the three of us and our story. We take you on our journey from how we met in school to how we grew our online presence throughout the last few years. Listen to this episode to get an inside look of who we are!

Episode: 8

In this episode Arash and Dr. Cole discuss shoulder arthritis in this episode. Specifically what interventions to provide with the young patient in the clinic presenting with shoulder arthritis. We discuss what shoulder arthritis is and how someone with arthritis may present.ย  We then discuss interventions including supplementation, physical therapy, injections, and common procedures that Dr. Cole performs with this population.