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Episode: 83

In this episode, Dillon and Arash discuss everything related to the rotator cuff! The rotator cuff is a relatively smaller muscle group but crucial for shoulder functioning. In this episode they answer, What is the job of the rotator cuff? What are the risk factors for developing rotator cuff related shoulder pain? Lastly, for the students and clinician listeners how special are the clinical special test for shoulder pathology? All of that and more answered! 

Episode: 82

In this episode, Dillon discusses the R.I.C.E protocol. After an initial injury do we need to rest, ice, compress, and elevate the area? Is inflammation good or a bad thing? How does ice work? Does ice help in the healing process? Are there better ways to recover after an initial injury? All of this and more answered in this episode!!!

Episode: 81

In this episode, Dillon, Mike, and special guest Josh Madonick talk strategies to get out of debt! Students coming out of college are hit with big loan repayments and are often left unsure what to do? Is the best strategy to aggressively pay? Is it to pay the minimum? Which loan should you pay off first? All of this and more answered in this episode!!!

Episode: 80

In this episode, Dillon, Mike, and Tommy look to dispel an old myth that using the knee extension machine is bad for your knees!!!  Where did this concept originate? Can using a knee extension machine truly damage your knees? The discussion then dives into the importance of the quadriceps muscle. How can we best isolate and strengthen the quad? Why is it so important to isolate the quad after a knee surgery? What's the risk vs benefit of open chain knee extension post-op ACL reconstruction? Lastly, they dive into a conversation on "functional exercise".

Episode: 79

In this episode, Dillon and Craig discuss setting up systems to reach New Year's Resolutions! Just writing a goal is not enough, we need to create sustainable systems that make the goal achievable. How to form new habits? Can we change our identity through action? How do we set up new routines? How to keep our brains, that seek rewards, on track to reach the long term outcome? All of this and more answered in this week's episode!

Episode: 78

In this episode, Dillon, Arash, Craig, and Mike reflect back on 2020 and update listeners with what's brewing in the new building. Then the discussion shifts into goal setting. How do we set realistic goals? What's the difference between goals and values? How do we reach goals in the next year? These questions answered here in this episode!!!

Episode: 77

In this episode, Dillon and Dr. Alland discuss the role of nonsurgical orthopedic docs in sports and his experience going through physical therapy after a surgery. Then we dive into the main discussion of the day centered around concussion. What is a concussion? What causes a concussion? How is impact related to the risk of concussion? Rule changes have been made at the professional level to decrease risk of concussion, this has trickled down into youth sports. Have the rule changes created a safer playing atmosphere for athletes? What's the best way to recover from a concussion? After a concussion are you at risk for other injuries? All of this and more answered!!!

Episode: 76

In this episode, Dillon, Kelly, and Taryn discuss the fundamentals to Olympic Weightlifting! Have you considered Olympic weightlifting but not sure where to begin? Let's decrease that fear by answering; What is Olympic Weightlifting? Is Olympic lifting safe to do? What are the benefits of Olympic Lifting? If you are an experienced Olympic Weightlifter this episode will provide you with drills and suggestions to improve bar path and your overall lift! Enjoy! -Team [P]Rehab Guest: Learn More About Taryn Everett, PT, DPT, CLT, CF-L1, CNC Learn More About Kelly Wild, PT, DPT ad Article: "Exercises For Olympic Lifting" Link to Learn About [P]Rehab Programs Link To Submit Questions/Topics Visit our website: Follow us on: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter Connect with Team [P]Rehab [P]Rehabbers thank you for listening and let us know what to talk about next. We hope to help you take control of your health through education! Did you enjoy this? Please rate, review, share, and subscribe. Every bit of feedback, comments, subscriptions,...

Episode: 75

In this episode, Dillon and Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, discuss how to improve sleep quality during stressful times such as the current pandemic. Dr. Breus answers how much should we sleep per night? Is it about quality or quantity? What is a chronotype and how do we utilize it to improve sleep? Are sleep apps on smart phones accurate? All of this and more answered on this episode!

Episode: 74

In this episode, Dillon and Dr. McElheny aka Dr. Kat, discuss early sports specialization vs long term athletic development models for youth athletes! Which model leads to greater likelihood of becoming an elite athlete? What are the risks/benefits of specializing early? Dr. Kathryn McElheny is an Assistant Attending Physician at HSS. She is fellowship-trained and board certified in sports medicine and is the Non-operative Medical Director and Associate Team Physician for the New York Mets baseball team.