Having [P]rehab Exercise Library Login Issues?

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If you have successfully purchased access and received a confirmation email, but are still getting this message, it means that you are not logged in. At the top right, you should see a “Log In” button. Please click this, log into your credentials, and if successful, you will see that button change to “My Account”. Once successfully logged in, you will be able to able to fully access the library!

The Prehab Exercise Library is independent from the Prehab App. However, you are still able to access the Prehab Exercise Library on your mobile device by using the internet browser on your app if need be. The Prehab Exercise Library is best optimized for desktop browsers and iPad browsers. Click HERE to login to the Exercise Library

If you are still experiencing issues with logging into the Exercise Library, we ask that you please contact support@theprehabguys.com!

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