Cat Cow – Lumbar Spine

  • WHY: This exercise will help with learning back and pelvic body awareness as well as it promotes global mobility of these regions. This exercise also provides the opportunity for your back to get comfortable with moving in and out of your spinal flexion and extension range of motion.
  • HOW: Get set-up on your hands and knees. While keeping the rest of your body still, round your entire back followed by slowly arching your entire back. Repeat
  • FEEL: When you round your back, you should feel like youโ€™re pushing your chest away from the ground by pushing through your hands. You should also be performing a posterior pelvic tilt with rounding your back, thus your back looks like an angry cat. When arching your back, you should feel like your chest is dropping towards the ground, but you donโ€™t want to bend at your elbows, keep your arms straight. You should also be performing an anterior pelvic tilt with arching your back, thus your back and head make the shape of a camel. Follow the video for other cues and tips.
  • COMPENSATION: Donโ€™t bend your elbows as you arch your back up and down.

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