[P]ERFORM To Improve Your Athleticism
MASTER Plyometric Exercises In All 3 Planes Of Movement
[P]REPARE For The Demands Of Sports

Learn how to get back to jumping, but more importantly, learn how to prepare your body for progressive plyometrics and sports!

The Plyometrics [P]Rehab Program is a physical therapist developed, step-by-step program designed with athletes and active individuals in mind looking to boost their performance and decrease their risk of injury. The program will expose your body to all of the various potential landing and jumping movements that sports and high level activities demand. This includes double and single-leg variations as well as multi-directional and continuous movements! We designed the program to have a gradual increase in total ground contacts, which is a measure used for load management in jumping programs and sports so that you can safely progress through the program. Our program places a large emphasis on educating you along the process to optimize your athletic performance now and for the rest of your career!

If you are looking for a beginner jumping program that will prepare you for this one, check out our Jumping Fundamentals [P]Rehab Program.

Plyometrics [P]Rehab Program

Plyometrics [P]Rehab Program, Jump Fundamentals & Plyometrics [P]Rehab Program Bundle Package!


20-40 Minutes



Your Goal



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