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Optimizing human movement and performance, promoting longevity, and keeping your movement system in tune one post at a time. Instilling new meaning into physical therapy.

Preventative rehabilitation, or [P]REHAB for short, is the key to healthy living and an optimal movement system. Why wait until you're injured? There are steps you can take now to decrease your risk for injury.

Our goal is to provide daily content to help you train smarter, harder, and more efficient. Not only do we demonstrate what to do; more importantly we explain why. [P]REHAB doesn't occur in the clinic - it's a lifestyle that requires you to put in work at home, in the gym, and on the field to optimize your movement system and performance.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin

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Doctors of Physical Therapy
Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Michael Lau

Bachelor’s of Science – University of California Los Angeles
Michael has a special interest in upper quadrant dysfunction, sports, and orthopedics.

craig lindell

Bachelor’s of Science – Penn State University
Craig has a special interest in golf, concussions, and neurologic physical rehabilitation

Arash Maghsoodi

Bachelor’s of Science – San Diego State University
Arash has a special interest in Orthopedics and Sports, particularly Soccer

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