Why You Need Shoulder Prehab

Why You Need Shoulder Prehab

Why You Need Shoulder Prehab

Shoulder issues are one of the most common orthopedic/musculoskeletal conditions treated. It is likely you know someone in your life that is or has dealt with a shoulder injury. There are thousands of different orthopedic surgeries performed every single year on the shoulder. There are even more shoulder cases in physical therapy and other health care clinics that are trying to be managed. What we have noticed over the years is the demand for shoulder content from healthy individuals. People don’t want to wait until something happens to learn about shoulder health, they want to invest in their health now proactively with shoulder prehab. In this article, we will feature our recently launched Shoulder [P]Rehab Program including the story behind it, some insider access to content from the program, and really our goal to educate the masses about why you should be doing shoulder prehab now.

Through conversations in the clinic and with people online all over the world, we realized there was a void to fill to help guide people to avoid shoulder issues. People wanted shoulder prehab, people wanted a program to follow to avoid injuries and surgery if possible. Our goal from day one has been to change how healthcare works and encourage people to invest in their health now, taking a proactive approach with their shoulders before its too late. We needed to educate the masses about why you need shoulder prehab!

Sample Workout Preview

So the three of us starting documenting and sharing our own programs we used to keep our shoulders healthy as well as patient and client programs. We designed a program, tested it, modified it, and repeated this process over and over for an entire year. We finally felt comfortable with an outline, however, we had to put it to the test.

Our patients didnโ€™t know this, but any shoulder patient that walked through the door went through our shoulder prehab program. Slight variations and modifications were implemented, which we have also included in the program for users as needed. What we consistently found across the board was progress, satisfaction, but also bittersweet moments. Our patients would repeatedly tell us they WISH THEY HAD ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION SOONER.

They realized there wasnโ€™t necessarily a magic formula or special equipment or extensive hands-on treatment that provided results. It just came down to being consistent with the right exercises and being armed with the right knowledge.ย This is why you need shoulder prehab!

‘Getting Started’ And Resource Videos

We realized the true value behind the Shoulder [P]Rehab Program would be the education, the resources, and thorough guidance. We put a lot of effort into making the program truly comprehensive so that when someone signs up they know exactly how to start, how to find content, and how to get questions answered.

Get Your Questions Answered By Us!

We cannot stress enough the fact that we are here to help YOU when you join the program! You can directly communicate with us on the discussion board. THERE ARE NO WRONG OR BAD QUESTIONS! We want to provide the highest value possible toย ensure you know that you’reย being taken care of. You will not go through this program alone, join now to chat with us and other members on the discussion board!


Why You Need Shoulder [P]Rehab Exercises

At this point, some of you just want the shoulder prehab content. Well donโ€™t fret, we put together a FOUR PHASE, 16-WEEK PROGRESSIVE SHOULDER STRENGTHENING PROGRAM.

Sample Phase 1 Exercise


Sample Phase 2 Exercise


Sample Phase 3 Exercise


Sample Phase 4 Exercise


Can The Program Help With My Shoulder Pain?

Some of you may be dealing with some shoulder pain and are looking for a solution. We also included a BONUS GET OUT OF PAIN 1-WEEK LONG program, which we perfected in the clinic actually treating patients with shoulder pain.

Sample Phase 0 Exercise


Still Undecided?

We understand this is an investment, however, we want to reiterate how valuable your health is. Why do you need shoulder prehab? Well, you only get 1 set of shoulders for life, it sickens us to hear people think of their body like it’s a car. You can’t just go to the surgeon, get shoulder surgery, and expect your shoulders to be 100%. ASK ANYONE that has had shoulder surgery, it is very unlikely they will tell you their shoulder is perfect. This can even be the case with a shoulder injury or chronic shoulder pain managed without surgery. Save yourself thousands of $ in surgery, rehab, and time away from work and things you love to do. Now is the time to invest in your shoulder health, trust us! We even created a free sample of the program for those that want to try it first. You will gain access to an exclusive discount on the program simply by signing up for the free sample program.

Click HERE or the photo above to sign up for a free sample week of the program.

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